Benefits of sports for kids

Studies have shown that the amount of physical activity kids spent has declined by 70% in the past 30 years. However, they spend a great deal amount time watching television, with an average of 5.5 hours a day. A famous saying once mentioned that, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Our living styles have changed dramatically over the years and kids don’t find sports important to their lives any more. The benefits of sports for kids should be advocated strongly in schools and at home to equip kids with an all-round development.

Benefits of Sports for Kids
Benefits of Sports for Kids

Improvement in Academics

Michigan State University's Institute for the Study of Youth Sports recently found that kids who are active in sports perform better in academics. Participating in sports activities in school teaches kids to multitask, by managing their time effectively and prioritizing the tasks at hand. There are numerous benefits of sports in the lives of kids, and an improvement in academics is just one of them.

Cultivates Sportsmanship

The greatest athletes of our times have taught the world two invaluable lessons – to honor victory with grace and accept failure with even more grace. Kids who regularly engage themselves with sports learn to accept their opponents and competitors with grace. By playing in the right spirit, the behavior will ultimately influence their outlook and values on life. Sports teach kids about teamwork, to work together without any animosity or acrimony. They learn to act in the best interest of the team over an individual interest. Listening to instructions and syncing with their teammates are necessary steps your kids need to take to foster credible sportsmanship become a great team player.

Boosts Social Skills

Being involved in sports helps kids interact with peers, which is a necessary social skill in the current society. Kids who find it difficult to make friends easily will find sports to be a great companion! They will lose themselves in the sport and bond with the other players, while boosting their self-esteem and social skills.

Achieving the Goal

Your kid should always have a goal in mind when playing sports. It can serve as a realistic dream that kids can work towards, either for winning the rugby trophy at school, or earning a black belt in karate, sports can teach kids valuable lessons that can benefit them in the long-run. In the short-run, your kid can learn the importance of perseverance and persistence. Sports remain invaluable to life.

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