Benefits of Smartphones for Kids

Back in the good old days, parents communicated with their kids in very traditional ways, discussing topics one on one or over the phone. This seems like such a stretch to today’s tween or teen that might prefer using the digital capabilities of a smartphone, even if it’s a hand me down from their parents! After all, when your child sees his or her classmates beginning to use their smartphones or mobile devices more regularly, it’s only natural for them to want access to one too. Consider handing down your old smartphone; that way, you’re already experienced enough with the device to guide them through the process of using it.

Benefits of smartphones for kids
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Your child doesn't necessarily have to keep up with the latest in mobile technology. What matters most is that they are able to reap the benefits that technology and staying digitally connected have to offer. Here are some of the top benefits that might have you considering a smartphone for your child:

Smart phones for Kids – Learn about the Benefits

  • Make Learning Accessible
    Smartphones for kids are more than yet another digital distraction. All you need is a look at the iTunes App Store to know that the number of educational apps for kids has grown phenomenally in the last couple of years. In fact, research shows that the App Store has over 3,300 apps, all designed to help make the learning experience easier and more accessible to children between 2 and 5. And we’re talking about interactive worksheets for kids, dictionaries, flashcards, calculators, learning games and much more. Smartphone learning encourages communication and collaboration and helps kids overcome geographical or economic barriers.
  • Know your Kids’ Location
    Location services such as Foursquare or Google Latitude are godsends for parents. Instead of having to call your child every time you want to know where he is, you can simply locate him on the map. Likewise, your child knows if you've been caught in an after-work traffic jam and will be home later than expected. You could always opt for the family location services offered by service providers for standard phones for kids, but these cost extra money and have fewer features than your smartphone offers with its GPS compatibilities. Your old smartphone provides better value for money than you’d imagine!
  • Stay Connected
    Kids become more dependent on friends when they get older and reach that age where socializing outside of the home becomes a major priority, leaving you with daunting task of managing how you will might stay connected. With a smart phone, your child can not only message, call and video chat with his or her friends, but they can keep you updated on what’s going on in their day to day. Whatsapp, Viber and Skype are free apps that simply need a wi-fi or 3G internet connection to be easily downloaded on digital devices. Smart phones for kids are a cheap and quick way to promote socialization but also stay connected with your growing kids!

There’s no better time than now to reap the benefits of electronics for kids. As long as you monitor your child’s usage and guide him or her to use the right apps and play the right games, handing down your old smartphone has many advantages!

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