Benefits of Educational Television

With so much controversy surrounding the effects of television on the minds of young people, there is concern that TV is doing more harm than good. Since many channels are geared toward an adult audience, stick to channels like PBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet for your kids. With supervision and monitoring, television can actually be a positive experience.

Benefits of Educational Television
Benefits of Educational Television

Here are a few ways in which television is beneficial for children:

TV can help a child’s intellect

In many studies, researchers have observed how educational programs can aid in boosting children’s intellect. Surprisingly, children aged 2 to 7 who watched a few hours of educational television programs per day performed better on academic tests than those who didn’t watch TV. They also found children who spent most of their television time watching shows like cartoons scored lower than those who viewed educational ones. Therefore, it is important to monitor what your children are watching and show them educational programs as opposed to simply letting them watch cartoons.

TV can be a teacher for children

Whatever your child may be interested in, there is likely an educational show on that subject. Television is a great way to open your child’s mind to a variety of things and help them learn about topics they may not be exposed to at school. On the other hand, television can reinforce what children learn in school and provide a supplementary method to teaching children about important subjects.

TV can show children things they wouldn’t see otherwise

Without television, most children would never be able to see amazing things like exotic animals, different cultures, and beautiful cities. For example, nature shows and history programs are great resources for teaching children about creatures and places that they’ve never heard of. Kids can learn from this type of media in order to appreciate and understand the world around them.

TV can provide good role models for children

When children watch television, they are bound to be influenced by the characters they see. Allowing your children to watch shows with characters who promote positive messages like healthy living and helping others will influence them to make good choices.

While the effects of television on children continue to be debated, there are ways in which you can make television’s influence beneficial. Making sure your child is keeping their television time to a minimum and watching shows that are educational can actually help your child. Educational television programs can provide them with more knowledge and greater insight on the world that will help them mature into a well-rounded adult.

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