Being Soccer Mom – Tips & Ideas

Are you a soccer mom? Or will be one soon? With spring around the corner, that means soccer is in season again and all the hustle and hassle comes along with it. While you may be more than ready to go out of your way to do all that you can to fuel and support your little ones’ soccer ambitions, are you really helping as much as you think you are?

According to an informal survey that was conducted among hundreds of athletes, their worst memory of youth and high school sports was the drive back home. Surprised? Here are a few tips on how you can score that all-important goal of being an excellent soccer mom!

Soccer is a favorite with kids
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Tips to Being a Great Soccer Mom

When you don’t wear the hat of a soccer mom, you take on many challenges. You will need to carve an almost-permanent place for yourself by the sidelines, brave the scorching summer heat, ferry the kids back and forth, keep an array of healthy snacks ready at all times, have a gazillion checklists, brush up on all things soccer, deal with mood swings based on game scores, keep yourself abreast of the kids’ practice and game schedules, and more! While you are probably already doing a commendable job managing everything, here’s a little help so you don’t lose track of some other important things when your kids are out in the field.

What. When. Where.

Moms Watching Kids Practice Soccer "Soccer mums" by Ingo Bernhardt is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s challenging enough if you have one child, but if you have more than one kid enrolled in soccer, this season can certainly be physically draining. Keep a detailed sheet of where, when, and what time soccer practice is. Game days should be highlighted so you can plan for them in advance. If your kids have different timings and/or different venues for games and practices, then you will need to discuss with your partner what is the best way you can handle it all and whether you need help. From dropping them off to practice and picking them up, to watching them play if you can, to carrying water and snacks around, and staying sane through it all – there’s a lot to juggle.

Be Early. Always.

A good soccer mom understands the importance of coming in early for practice and games. Try to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time. This gives the kids time to put on all their soccer gear and get in the right frame of mind. Coaches often complain that kids who come in late inevitably disrupt play.

Don’t Coach.

There’s a reason why you’re paying someone else to coach your child. The coach is the expert. Refrain from giving your child soccer-related advice. Your enthusiastic ‘great pass’ or critical ‘that was an offside!’ may not really be a great way to boast of your knowledge about the game or your impeccable soccer skills. Research shows that what kids and coaches appreciate best is parents’ unconditional support and love. Your advice or feedback may only confuse your child if the coach has a different strategy, and, worse, may just distract him if you’re yelling while he is busy playing.

Water and Snacks.

Young kids are perpetually hungry. With the additional physically demanding sport of soccer, your kids’ hunger knows no limits. Avoid picking up junk food on the way to or back from the field. Be on the lookout for healthy snack recipes so you always have something you can put together for them. And never, ever, let your kids leave the house without a bottle of water.

Be a Good Sport.

child is very likely to mirror your behavior. While you can avoid all the soccer-related advice, there’s a lot you can teach your kids about good behavior on the field. Teach them that the game is more important than winning or losing. The merits of sports as a team building activity are known to all. Teach them to accept defeat graciously and be humble after a victory. These are true signs of a good sportsmanship.

Respect Authority.

Coaches and referees know their job. Even if there is something that you disagree on, it is important to respect their decision. Do not ever yell at them or make a scene in front of your kids. If it is something important, go ahead and have a dialog with them, but leave the rest to their discretion.

Have Fun.

Despite all the challenges that come with being a soccer mom, it truly is a remarkable experience! There’s nothing that compares to the immeasurable pride you feel when you see your child on the field, irrespective of whether or not he’s the star of the game. Get to know the other soccer moms – after all, you will be seeing a lot of them in the days to come. Cheer your child on, but also cheer the other team. Be fair, and enjoy the game!

Always be a Mom.

It’s easy to get affected by your child’s performance on the field. But don’t ever let his on-the-field results affect the way you behave with him. Don’t treat him differently if he makes a mistake or loses a game. Always be the Mommy your children runs to, confides in and relies on. They should know that you’re right there beside them, supporting them no matter what. Kids are athletes when they are on the field, but once the game is over, they go back to being kids. And Mom should always be there for them.

Your child’s growth both on and off the field with qualities such as team spirit and sportsmanship will definitely leave you feeling proud. And he’ll have you to thank for it all! Keep it going, soccer mom!

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