Back to School Supplies – Checklist

All good things must come to an eventual end and summer is no different. As the time to go back to school creeps near, kids and parents across the country have a ton to prepare for during this time of year. For the kids, the thought of going back to the routine of school after months of sunshine, outdoor play, and other summer activities can often be tough to handle. On the other hand, for parents, there seems to be so much that needs to be done before the schools reopen like shopping for the kids’ basic supplies. Each year, the list is seemingly endless.

Back to School Supplies Checklist
Prepare yourself for the yearly back-to-school shopping frenzy.

Don’t spoil the end of summer by waiting until the last minute to start preparing. Here’s a checklist of what you might need to keep in mind during the back to school season. Being prepared for this yearly shopping frenzy can make your experience run much smoother. For example, when it comes to making sure that your kids have all their essential school supplies, consider getting them involved in the shopping process. This will help take some stress away from you and also get them excited for the start of classes!

  • Teacher’s Checklist – They best way to eliminate guess work from your back to school shopping is to stick to the checklist given by the teacher. You can either use the one that the teacher gives at the start of the academic year or request one just before the start of the holidays. Apart from stating exactly what supplies will be required, some teachers also specify brands or quantities, which can make shopping for school supplies a cakewalk.
  • Pack-Up! – Before you stock up on all the school essentials, you need to make sure that your kids have a place to store all their stuff. Remember, anything that helps your kids stay organized is a smart investment for how they function in the classroom. Investing in a sturdy backpack, a good quality lunchbox and a pencil box are essential. These tools often come in a range of exciting colors and designs that might appeal to your kids.
  • The Basics – Once you have your backpacks and pencil boxes ready, it is time to fill them up with essentials. Remember, sometimes utility might come at the cost of your child’s preferred option. When it comes to shopping for supplies, it is your job to help them make the right selections when at the store. You’ll find that instead of cute and colorful erasers that don’t do the trick, your kids might better benefit from using some of the tried and tested essentials. A few of the things to look out for when you go shopping for the basics include (but are not limited to): pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, sharpeners, glue sticks, crayons and colored pencils, paper-cutting scissors, highlighters (only for higher grades), scotch tape, stapler, ruler, printer paper, and ink cartridges.
  • Just like shopping for clothes, keep your eyes and ears open for school supply sales and make the best of them!

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