Best Back-to-School Deals

In August or September of every year, parents from around the country start thinking about sending their kids back to school. After a long summer of fun-filled days, many kids are reluctant to go back to learning. One highlight of returning to school is the thrill of shopping for back-to-school items. While it may be exciting for them, it can be daunting for parents as they see their wallets getting smaller and smaller. There are many stores that advertise good back-to-school deals during these months, but how do you know which one is best? We’re here to help you navigate and buy your kids the things they need at a price you can afford. 

Best Back-to-School Deals
Shopping Ideas for Back-to-School Items

Where to Shop: 

Wal-Mart – although they advertise low prices year round, Wal-Mart’s back-to-school deals can save you a load of money. They have bundle deals where you can purchase a group of school supplies like a backpack, markers, pens, paper, folders, and more for under $30. You can also purchase packs of binders, paper, pens, and more for low prices that can come in handy if you have multiple children that need the same school supplies. Buying in bundles can save you loads of money and help you purchase all the essential items in one trip. 

Target – although its prices are not quite as low as Wal-Mart, Target is a great place to shop for essentials for your child. They offer low prices on fashionable clothing and have coupons available online that provide consumers with big savings on back-to-school items. Check out their online store to get access to these coupons and save a bundle when shopping for a new wardrobe for your child.

Amazon – it may not be one of the places that first comes to mind, but is a great place to pick up school supplies for you kid. They have tons of deals from backpacks to clothes to binders that can be searched through without even having to leave your home. They have daily deals that can save you a bundle and you can see item reviews from people who have purchased it before. Shopping on Amazon can save you both time and money and allow you to shop at your own convenience.  

Big Lots – with consistently low prices, it is no wonder that this store makes it on our list. Find backpacks for around $10 and packs of pens for less than $3 during their back-to-school sales. It is best to head to Big Lots early before all the shelves are cleared out and the sales are gone! 

Before buying school supplies, be sure to check out all the above mentioned stores to find out which ones has the best deals on the items you are looking for. Doing a little research and being patient can save you a load of money and help you send your child back to school in style. 

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