Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas for Moms-to-Be

Whether or not you have had this experience in the past, there is no taking away from the charm of a baby shower, as well as the hopes and the excitement that it brings. What makes this shower so special is having your loved ones – your friends and family – near you. When all the fun and games are over and it is finally time to wrap up the party, whatever you do, you do not want your guests to leave empty-handed. You want them to know how much their presence on this special day meant to you. And what could be a better way of showing your appreciation than handing over a cute party favor to each of your guests that they can cherish?

Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas
Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

5 Best Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Here are 5 amazing baby shower party favor ideas that can make your shower special not only for you, but for everyone else involved:

  • Prepped Up Make Up – So you know it is going to be a girl? There are so many great shower party favors to choose from! Something small, pretty, and pink should do the trick. It is a great idea to get nail polishes or lipsticks in a pretty pastel shade that suits almost everyone. Do it up by tying a pretty little white lace bow or by attaching a small ‘It’s a girl’ card with some string.
  • Feeding Bottles Full of Candies – A feeding bottle full of candies or jelly beans and a satin ribbon bow tied around it sounds like the perfect baby shower party favor, irrespective of the gender of the baby-to-be.
  • Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas
    Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas
  • Personalized Vintage Bottles – Give your favors a coat of nostalgia. Get hold of vintage milk bottles and fill them up with treats of your choice. Add a special touch to these wonderful baby shower party favors by sticking a personalized ‘Thank You’ card to each one of them.
  • Helium Balloons – Get lots of helium-filled balloons in colors that suit the theme of your party. Apart from serving as party décor, you can also gift one to each guest as they leave the party. Make sure to tie long, satin ribbons to the balloons instead of regular strings.
  • Microwave Popcorn – Get a packet of microwave popcorn for each guest and put it in a pretty and colorful envelope. Address it to each particular guest and then sign it off as ‘The one who is all set to pop.’



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