April Fools’ Day – Pranks and Ideas

Bring out the hidden prankster in you this April Fools’ Day! This is your big chance to create some fun memories your kids will be talking about for years.

6 Easy, Fun Pranks

Here are some easy tips and tricks to make this April Fools’ Day memorable:

  1. Bonding at Breakfast:

    Breakfast is a good time to get the ball rolling. How would Dad react if he found he had put salt in his morning coffee instead of sugar? The expressions on Dad and the kids’ faces will be priceless! Split your sides laughing with this timeless April Fools’ Day prank by swapping out sugar for salt (have a second cup of coffee handy though).

  2. Alarm Clock Frenzy:

    Do your kids trouble to get out of bed in the mornings? Grab a bunch of alarm clocks, set the alarm to ring at 4 am on April Fools’ Day, and hide them all over the house. Watch all the sleepyheads wake up with a jolt!

  3. Lemon Juice Joke:

    Now this might sound really silly, but then it is April Fools’ Day. When someone asks for a glass of water or milk, squirt some lemon juice into it when they aren’t looking. Wait for them to drink it and watch their faces. This tricks works every single time!

  4. Buttery Disaster:

    Show them you are a pro at science experiments with that cool stuff you saw on NatGeo. Put some butter on a plate, add some salt and pretend you can feel it heating up. Ask them to see if they can feel it too. Then SLAM your hand on top of theirs so that it gets squished into all that gooey butter. Your poor unsuspecting victims aren’t going to forget that in a hurry! (Have some napkins handy to wipe all that butter off their hands.)

  5. Sticky Gummy Bear Shower:

    This is a really funny and simple prank. All you need is one gummy worm (or bear, or whatever gummy type you have handy). First, go into your victim’s shower, when they are nowhere to be seen, and unscrew the showerhead. Next, place the gummy worm on the inside of the showerhead and screw it back on. Then, when they take a shower and go to dry themselves off, the fuzz from the towel will stick to them, they will go back in the shower to wash it off, only to have it happen again. This one is sure to drive them nuts!

  6. Hair Dryer Ageing Machine:

    Put some baby powder in the hair dryer and watch your teenage daughter put on about 50 years! The practical joker’s trusty stand-by for sure!

Here are some more great April Fools’ Day ideas to show the kids how you can trick them too!

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