All about July

July is the 7th month in the traditional calendar year. The 31 days that comprise the popular summer month include a number of different holidays, national observances, and unique celebrations that have come to characterize this spectacular time of year. With the kids out of school for summer vacation, July is the perfect time to get involved in community festivities and teach your children all there is to know about this joyous month.

All About July
All About July

Here are a few fun facts about July you can share with your family.

4th of July

In the United States, one of the most highly publicized national holidays that occurs in July is the celebration of Independence Day. Communities and families across the country honor the core values that the nation was built upon – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Use this day as an opportunity to teach your kids about America’s history as you gather for fun activities or a festive fireworks show.

Astrological Signs

There are 2 astrological signs for the month of July. Births that occur in the first half of the month up through July 22nd fall into the summer sign of Cancer, while those that occur anytime in July after the 22nd are considered Leos.


When it comes to birthstones, the ruby is the most common stone attributed to those born in this summer month. Historically, the red ruby is a symbol of love, wealth, health, and wisdom.

Silly Summer Observances

While highly anticipated during the school year, summer vacation can become monotonous to young kids. Keep them engaged and entertained by taking part in a few festive observances and holidays. For example, did you know that July 8th is considered Video Game Day? Join your kids in this newly minted, annual tradition by playing alongside them as they enjoy some of their favorite games like JumpStart! July also marks a few month-long national celebrations perfect for the season like National Blueberry Month, National Ice Cream Month, and National Picnic Month! With so many celebrations occurring in July, your family won’t have a problem finding a fun activity to do together.

Moon Phases

For astronomy fans or families that simply enjoy looking up into the sparkling night skies, this July provides its first new moon on the 8th. From there, the first quarter moon becomes viewable to the public by the 15th, while the full moon does not appear until July 22nd. Consequently, the 29th marks the last quarter moon for the month as it draws to a close.

In July you won’t find yourself short on fun and festive lessons or activities for the kids. Share this guide with your family to make sure this month is fun-filled and all about making exciting memories with the ones you love most.


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