Affordable Television Options for the Family

With all the expenses that factor into raising today’s modern family; entertainment costs can often take a backseat to higher priority expenses. And, when it comes to television, digital cable is too expensive, satellite T.V. can be inconsistent and there never seems to be the right package for your family’s needs. What do you do when you want a cheap T.V. service or want to watch the latest movies at home? Turn to internet streaming on your computer, laptop, handheld device, or traditional television. And why not, when you can watch free online movies, millions of hours of T.V., and seemingly endless amounts of content at low subscription rates? Online alternatives to cable T.V. have taken off like never before.

Watching TV Shows
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So where should you start? Here are the top three resources for streaming television shows and films online -

  1. Netflix
    Netflix is a highly popular alternative to cable television that offers loads of shows, movies and some original programming you won’t get elsewhere. If you have broadband internet, this $8 per month subscription-based digital distribution service will cut down your hefty monthly cable bill to a significant extent. And you don’t have to be the most tech savvy person to set it up either – a lot of media players and game consoles are even Netflix-compatible. The only disadvantage is that, unlike cable T.V., the programming isn’t exactly up-to-the-minute. But you are still getting plenty of content for a surprisingly low price.
  2. Amazon Prime
    An Amazon Prime streaming service membership costs $80 per year and perks include cheap T.V. service, instant streaming of movies, access to the Kindle lending library and super-quick 2-day shipping. That said, the advantages of signing up for Amazon Prime are almost on par with Netflix and the two internet streaming providers are in a neck-and-neck race as far as cheap alternatives to cable T.V. are concerned. With Prime, you can watch free online movies and must-watch T.V. shows on your PC or Mac or Blu-ray player or internet-connected T.V. All you have to do is log into your Prime account to start watching.
  3. Hulu Plus
    At $8 per month, this is another cheap T.V. service that streams the latest episodes of a number of top T.V. shows for kids and adults a day after they are aired on cable T.V. and that’s what has attracted viewers looking for a reliable alternative to cable T.V. It also has a free version with commercials and limited programming options. If there are shows you simply don’t want to miss, the subscription-based service is what you are looking for. They also have a plethora of options if you want to watch free online movies and videos. Like other digital streaming services, Hulu Plus is compatible with computers, laptops and a variety of handheld devices.

Digital alternatives to cable T.V. offer reliable entertainment options, some even with parental controls, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Do some research and find the plan that best suits your family.

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