Active and Fun Family Game Nights

The occasional family game night that you spend playing with the kids gives everyone something to laugh about and creates warm memories that you’ll remember for years. Making this event a priority shows your kids (regardless of whether they are toddlers or teens) that spending time together as a family is very important. Just mark a date on your family calendar, ask your kids for suggestions and keep some yummy munchies and kid-friendly drinks handy and you’re all set to go! Keep the bonding light and the wheels of love well-oiled with these active and fun family game night ideas!

"Game night" by Andrew Malone is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Duck Duck Goose

This traditional game is lots of fun and can be played by kids of all ages. The rules are very simple – have everyone sit in a circle and choose one person (the designated ‘Duck’) to walk around the circle tapping each person’s head saying “duck,duck,duck”. The Duck must continue until he taps one head and says “goose”. The “Goose” must chase the Duck and the Duck must try and sit in Goose’s place. If Duck succeeds in sitting in Goose’s place, the Goose must become Duck. If he fails, he must go on being Duck until he succeeds.

Hide ‘n’ Seek

This tried-and-tested kids’ game is very thrilling, especially for younger kids. Get the whole family to participate and watch as kids and adults try and outdo each other. The person who is “It” stays at home base, closes his eyes and counts till 10 or 50 or any other pre-determined number at a steady pace. In the meantime, the other players quietly sneak off and find hiding places. “It” finishes counting and shouts “Ready or not, here I come!” and sets out to find the hidden players. The person who is found first becomes “It” and the game begins all over again.

Simon Says

This is a tremendously enjoyable game but can be challenging if played by a large group. This is how you play. Have everyone sit in a circle and pick a leader who will be called “Simon.” The other players are required to obey Simon’s commands, but only if they are preceded by “Simon says”. For instance, when the leader says “Simon says, open your mouths,” everyone must do so. Players who obey commands NOT preceded by “Simon says” are out of the game. This game can get very hilarious and is a great way to keep everyone in the family involved.

Spending more time together as a family with active family game nights can even have a positive impact on your kids’ social and academic skills. So go ahead and book your family date today!

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