A New You - Fitness Trends to Lookout for in 2013

One of the biggest New Year’s resolutions that seems to reoccur every year is fitness. With health being a bigger focus and concern to most people, everyone is looking for ways to combine the benefits of fitness with a fun. Fitness games are among the hottest trends today. What are the 2013 fitness games to keep your eye out for? That all depends on what genre you would like to focus on, elite training or fun and intense.

Elite Training:

  1. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 – This is one of 2013's ‘it’ games if you are looking to get fit on a high-impact level. This game touches on every aspect of your fitness, including, cardio, strength of the upper body and lower body, balance, and core. One key and amazing feature is the ability to create a ‘Personal Trainer’. This feature allows you to create your own personal fitness plan, focusing on your current fitness level and what goals you want to achieve over a specified timeline. This game has 125 different workouts and 215 different exercises. Another motivating tool offered is the ability to connect to the ‘Your Shape Center’ website and follow your ups and downs, where you can take place in global challenges, among other things. This also offers excellent recipes to eat right with these intense workouts. So if you are up for the challenge, jump on the Your Shape wagon.
  2. Nike+ Kinect Training – This training game is most definitely not for the faint of heart. This game is built around the influences of real elite athletes of all sports, from endurance to strength based, and agility to power. This game is what you need to take your athleticism to the next level. One key feature is that every four weeks, Nike Kinect assesses your level of fitness with respect to your starting base line. Nike+ also allows you to connect with other friends and teams and lets you inform them about your workouts or even create a little healthy competition. What do you think? Can you hang out with the professional athletes who helped shape the game of Nike+ Kinect?
  3. EA Sports Active: More Workouts – This is an improvement on the highly recommended original and features a new 6 week challenge, including 89 new workouts ranging from cardio to strength to flexibility. Some really cool features are the ‘courses’, such from obstacle course, water skiing to running. You have the ability to closely follow your workouts and observe how you improve on a week to week basis. The motivation technique of having the ability to win trophies and points, keeps the trainee coming back for more.
  4. Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout – If you are looking for a more ‘boxer’ experience, this game is for you. This game specializes in boxing, from jabs to hooks, and the cardio of footwork and gives you the full experience. Like any good boxing regimen, you begin with a few warm up levels of your choosing, and then jump right into the quick high intensity workouts. While boxing requires key training, a lot of the power comes from the core and a really high cardio level. So it is no surprise that boxing is a hot trend to burn off massive calories in a short amount of time.

Fun and Intense:

  1. Zumba Fitness Core – Zumba is a definite must for the 2013 hot fitness trending games. Zumba burns off calories at an incredible rate and sculpts the body at the same time. It is no wonder why Zumba is taking over the world. From local classes to the ever amazing games, such as, Zumba Fitness Core, Zumba is the complete fitness solution. While Zumba already focuses on intense core muscles and high cardio, this game adds a new layer of attention to the core muscles. The fun and up-beat songs can definitely get you in the mood to crank out your best dance moves. This game also has over 30 dance styles you can play, each with unique dance moves that works your whole body.
  2. Dance Central 3 – Maybe you are looking for a way to get the young ones involved. What better way than some of the most popular songs your kids listen to? Dance Central 3 combines the recent hits with the latest and coolest dance moves to work up a sweat. This is one of those types of games where the benefits that parents want is hidden with the fun features this game has to offer. There are also different levels/ song intensities to accommodate different fitness levels. Keeping your kids active can be as simple as having them dance to their favorite music, while really being pushed on a physical level. Practicing their moves with the latest music can also boost their confidence level. This is also a great game to have going for your kid’s birthday parties.
  3. Just Dance 4 – Another dance game, but also a definite 2013 must! Staying fit in a fun way is a critical part of engagement. The challenge of pulling off dance moves in the game to a fast up-beat pace increases the heart rate and usage of muscles, therefore, enhancing your cardio (cardiorespiratory system). The different styles of moves engage all sorts of muscles, from upper body to core and down to lower body. Once again, engaging your kids with their popular music and dance styles is a great way to keep them fit while just dancing.
  4. My Fitness Coach – A game of real personalization. You get a personal trainer who walks you through moves, motivation techniques, and tips. This game offers around 500 different exercise, ranging from cardio to strength to flexibility and much more. The customization of this game is what really gives the trainee a personal feeling.

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