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A Day at the Beach

During the summer, a trip to the beach becomes a regular part of our weekly routine. The warm sand, the sparkling ocean, and the cool, crashing waves come together to make for a magical relaxing destination for the summer. However, as fun as a trip to the beach might be for the entire family, a little carelessness in planning your next trip can result in an unpleasant experience. Check out some of these pointers to ensure your beach holidays this year are fun and not plagued with sunburn and other potential beach bummers!

Planning the Perfect Beach Trip

Here are 5 things you must keep in mind when planning a beach picnic:

    The Perfect Family Beach Trip
    Plan well to have a memorable day at the beach

  1. Time: Beach outings are fun at any time of the day, but at the peak of summer temperatures outside might be soaring. During these days, it is best to plan your trips for the afternoon. The sun is at its harshest between 11am and 3pm. Avoid beach trips during these hours to keep painful sunburn at bay and make the day a pleasant experience for the entire family.
  2. Pack the Basics: As much as we would like to be spontaneous and go on impromptu beach trips with the family, a little planning helps assure that parents are ready for anything. When planning a trip to the beach, there are a few things that you cannot miss out on. Towels (at least one per person), beach mats or foldable beach chairs, flip-flops, waterproof sunscreen, hats, finger food (chips, dips, etc.) and sunglasses are some of the basic essentials. Don’t forget to bring along some cash or any medical supplies and medication that the family might need.
  3. The Extras: Besides the basics, take along these thoughtful little extras to ensure nothing comes between you and a fun day at the beach. The helpful extras might include a trash bag or empty paper bags to collect the leftover food, an umbrella if you want to keep tan and burn at bay, a laundry hamper or a similar bag to collect all the wet clothes/towels, and fresh clothes for everyone to change into when it is time to head home.
  4. Games: Though the beachside offers umpteen recreational opportunities, it won’t hurt to carry along a few games of your own. On days when the waves don’t seem too exciting or the sand castles don’t seem too inviting, settle down on a beach mat or a picnic blanket and play a game of your own. Beach ready games include all simple board games to exciting mobile apps.
  5. Food: No trip to the beach is complete without interesting food choices to keep people of all ages happy. While deciding on your menu, keep in mind that the food will be cold by the time it is all consumed so look for items that do not need to be served hot to be enjoyed. Often times, finger food is your safest bet. Cold cut sandwiches are a big hit too. To keep the drinks chilled, take along a portable ice chest or cooler.

With these pointers in mind, you have just about everything you need to know to have a fun, relaxing time at the beach with your family. Now all you really need is a camera to snap and save the special moments (and you are bound to have plenty!).

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