8 Fun Indoor Activity Ideas for Kids

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.

~ William Blake

Snow on the rooftops, snow on the driveway, chilling temperatures, and a lot of indoor time – get set for winter!
If you’re wondering how you can keep your little ones busy this winter, we’ve got some great ideas just for you! Since they’ll be spending a lot of their time indoors, we’ve put together some indoor activity ideas to keep the kids engaged. What’s more, many of these activities will help you bond with your kids and create some unforgettable memories!

  1. We’ll start with the classic – board games! There’s nothing better than sitting by the fireplace and bonding with your kids over fun board games. If you want to challenge them a bit, engage them with games like chess, checkers, or even scrabble. If you want to make things more interesting, there’s a lot that you can do with even Lego!
  2. Do days seem unbelievably long? Do hours seem to stretch on forever? Make time fly faster and sharpen those concentration skills with puzzles! From simple ones to 2000-piece ones, there’s enough variety available in the market. Time your kids to challenge them further.
  3. Is the winter cold making you shiver and long for a cup of hot chocolate? Or are you craving some hot and yummy snacks to dig into? Choose some simple recipes that you and your kids can do together. Kitchen-time can be a fun way to create something together and relish it after it’s made!
  4. As a parent, you definitely would love to keep the learning going, even during the holidays. Jumpstart’s free and printable worksheets on all subjects for preschoolers to 5th graders are just the thing for you! Fun and interactive, these worksheets will ensure that kids aren’t complaining about studying during the holidays.
  5. Spending time indoors should not mean that kids don’t get their dose of physical activity and exercise. Detail an indoor exercise plan that the kids must follow. Do some simple exercises along with your child to keep him motivated.
  6. Do your little ones love to dance? Give the kids a mission – let them choreograph a dance on their own which they will have to perform in front of the entire family at the end of the holidays. This activity can involve all the kids in the house. They can also invite their closest friends and cousins if they want to make this dance extravaganza truly spectacular!
  7. Gearing up for winter also means getting ready for Christmas and New Year! You can check out some fun Christmas and New Year crafts, activities, and games that we have for you.
  8. Winter can be such a picturesque time! Snowy rooftops, people cozying up by burning fireplaces, Christmas decorations, and so much more. Let the kids get arty and paint some beautiful pictures this winter. Encourage them by dedicating a space on your walls to frame and hang their pieces of art.

There you go, there’s a lot to do if your kids are confined to spending most of their time indoors. Get creative and include a variety of activities into each day so the little ones are never heard saying, ‘I’m bored!’

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