6 Superfoods to Help Your Diet

When revamping your diet to help with weight loss or to boost your energy for fitness, there are certain foods that will give you a little more direction in meeting your weight loss goals. Generally, it is wise to turn to meals that include a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins, but within those food groups, there are a few options to that can make weight loss and fitness work best for your body. Learn about how some of the nutrient rich superfoods listed below and how they can play a special role in your diet and help you feel satisfied and more energized throughout the day.

6 Superfoods to Help Your Diet
"green smoothie ingredients" by Stacy Spensley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

6 Superfoods to Help Your Diet

Kale: Low in calories and high in fiber, this green leafy vegetable can be cooked in a number of ways. From side salads to kale chips, its versatility has made it a popular go-to food when it comes to weight loss. Not to mention that regular servings can provide your diet with nutrients like iron, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium.

Avocados: While many mistake its fat content as a reason to avoid this nutrient rich food, the type of fats found in avocados are certainly a special case as they help lower cholesterol levels and stay heart healthy. These delicious superfoods are packed with lycopene and beta-carotene, which are two important antioxidants to add to your diet.

Raw Nuts: Raw almonds and walnuts are known for lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes, but did you know that they are also considered a “flat belly” food for dieters and health conscious eaters? These nuts can boost a metabolism and ultimately help burn fat, while providing fiber and protein to a meal or snack.

Wild Salmon: Fish oils like those found in wild salmon can help any dieter maintain a healthy heart. After all salmon is a popular choice among dieters for being a lean protein that is full of flavor. Besides that, the Omega-3 fatty acids in this meat will ultimately help build muscle and decrease belly fat.

Berries: Are you looking for a snack that is full of fiber and antioxidants? Fruits like blueberries, raspberries, Goji berries, and black berries can be a great addition to meals, smoothies, or simply enjoyed alone. For dieters, berries have been known to control insulin levels, fight belly fat, and boost your metabolism.

Quinoa: Dieting does not mean that you have to completely cut out grains from your meals. Fiber packed, this whole grain has the added benefit of being a great source of protein. Like any grain, quinoa can help keep you feeling full when it is added to your meals in moderation. Additionally quinoa is nutrient rich and provides iron, calcium, magnesium, and B-12.

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