6 Great Decoration Ideas for the Holiday Season

Bring some extra holiday cheer to your own home this season by creating and using these great Christmas decoration ideas and crafts with your family.

1. Create a Present out of Your Child’s Door

Look through your countless rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and have your child pick his or her favorite pattern. Then, wrap your child’s door with the wrapping paper after measuring the door. Tape the ends of the wrapping paper around the door and tape lengths of ribbon over the wrapping paper and onto the door to turn your child’s door into one big present. Engage your kids and have them help decorate their door for some parent-child activities.

2. Hang a Christmas Wreath

Welcome in the holidays, your neighbors, and friends by hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door. Both real and fake wreaths can be purchased almost anywhere as the holiday season begins to roll in, so be on the lookout. Don’t want to spend money on a wreath? Opt for a craft activity where you and your child can create a homemade wreath to hang on the door.

3. Decorate Personal Stockings with Your Family

Stockings are a holiday favorite and perfect to hang around the house. Grab the kids and customize your stockings so that each family member can have his or her own personal stocking. Plan a family activity and have your family members decorate their own stocking with felt pieces, pipe cleaners, beads, and more. Get creative with glitter and foam letters—everyone from the grandparents to the kids will absolutely love it.

4. Twinkle and Shine Around the Home

Purchase some Christmas lights like light decorations that hang like icicles to create your own Winter Wonderland. Cut out paper snowflakes with your kids and tie them to the light decorations with string—this will really light up your snowflakes and turn your home into a Winter Wonderland for your kids.

5. Set the Mood at the Dinner Table

Arrange your favorite holiday-themed tablecloth on the dinner table to really set the Christmas mood. If you can’t find a holiday-themed tablecloth, spread out a plain red or green tablecloth and decorate the sides with gold ribbon or bow ties. Place holiday-themed center pieces, or some Santa decorations to really create the Christmas feeling.

6. Light a Scented Candle

There are many kinds of candles with many kinds of scents that remind you of cool Christmas nights with your loved ones. Apple cinnamon scented candles can really give your home that warm Christmas spice. Pine tree scented candles can be soothing and can give your home a natural Christmas tree scent. Candles are cheap and relatively easy to find in stores and online. Tie a ribbon around the candle holder to add another festive touch.

Getting creative and decorating the house are fun activities to do with your family. Engaging in the holiday festivities with your kids can also become a new family tradition. So put on some holiday music, pull out the ribbons, and enjoy your holidays!

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