5 Fun Crafts With Your Kids

It’s time to let the kids get crafty! Encourage your kids to think out of the box and unleash their creativity by engaging them with easy but fun craft activities. You are going to love watching your kids’ faces light up with joy and excitement as they work with you to create something out of nothing. And the sheer delight on their faces when they flaunt their finished products is going to leave you beaming with pride.

Here is JumpStart’s list of 5 easy craft activities that you can do with your child. Get started immediately and watch the magic unfold!

  • Personalized Apron: Let your little master chef wear an apron that speaks of his personality! Buy a simple and plain kids’ apron or pull out one of your old ones and sit down with your child to add a dash of creativity to it. Decide on what colors your child would like to use, what pictures or scenes they would like to have on their apron, etc. Use fabric paints and let your little one show off her artistic skills! Something as simple as hand prints, or finger painting, can give your old apron a whole new dimension. You can even stick pictures of her favorite cartoon character on the apron. The possibilities are unlimited!
  • Card: Clichéd, you’re thinking? Well, it is a classic that never goes out of style! A card can be made to suit anybody – Dad, teacher, friend, or even sibling. All you need is some card stock or construction paper, marker pens, glitter, glue, a pair of scissors, and a whole lot of imagination! You can theme the card around the nearest holiday or special occasion, for example Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. But don’t forget, a card is truly special when there is a thoughtful message. Sit with your child and come up with something witty and fun, or heartfelt and honest, and write a message for the intended receiver of your card.
  • Picture Frame: Don’t you love that picture of your kids adorning the mantelpiece or hanging on the wall? Why not make it all the more special by making the picture frame for it with your kids? The best part is that you can create one with nothing but popsicle sticks! Just arrange the sticks in a square around the photograph and glue them together. Then, your picture frame is ready! And while you’re at it, let your kids get artsy and decorate the frame with beads and colored stones.
  • A Family Collage: This is a sure-shot winner! Sit down with your little ones and go through all those family albums. Pick fun pictures of all your family members and make a collage. You could choose to arrange the pictures to make a family tree as well. Don’t stop there! Frame your collage and you can hang it on your living room wall for all your guests to see. Your kids will love all the attention their handiwork is bound to get!
  • Bookmarks: If your kids are bookworms, they are going to love this one! If your kids are not crazy about reading, you might be able to convert them to avid readers with this simple craft. Use construction paper and your imaginations to create some fun and innovative bookmarks. While that of a bookworm is quite common, you can get inventive and make your bookmark in the shape of a doll, a baseball bat, a ruler, or even a hand! Encourage the kids to think of unique and original ideas. Don’t be surprised if your kids pick up books more often after this!

Craft activities have always been a favorite among kids of all ages. By doing these crafts with them, you’ll find that you also get to learn more about how your child thinks and what his/her interests are. So bring out those craft supplies and get ready for an exciting time with the little ones!

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