Five Key Elements to Make a Great Hanukkah Party

The winter season brings with it some special holidays. One such popular winter festival is Hanukkah. How about celebrating this historical holiday with a fun party? Here are the ‘Must-Dos’ for Hanukkah parties this year!

  1. As this holiday is focused around lights, it is only appropriate to continue this tradition. Seasonal candles are a great way to light up the room and bring appropriate scents to complement the food – for example: spices, pines, the all-around winter smell, etc. But don’t stop there; grab some strings of lights and some garlands (you can use artificial garlands as they last for years and do not leave a mess or smell) and create a bright festive mantel setting or place it along your home’s railings.
  2. There are lots of ways to make your table setting fun and creative. First, decide on a color scheme. Blue and white are always great go-to colors. Getting matching silverware, plates, a table cloth, and even serving utensils can complete the theme. Every table needs a glorious center-piece, and what can be better than a Hanukkah Menorah! You can use a vintage classic one or check out some of the latest and eye catching ones that are offered in stores today (Macy’s has some beautiful and very creative Menorahs worth browsing through).
  3. If you are having children at this event, there are some creative ideas to keep them entertained as well. At your dinner table, you can scatter some Dreidels and chocolate coins around and in between items. Some fun activities you can engage the kids with include a Hanukkah Candle Making Kit, Hanukkah puzzles and coloring sets, or a Hanukkah Sand Art Kit. You can also have the kids create their own Star of David with basic construction paper and coloring pens/ pencils, glitter, and whatever there is provided. Then you can have them hang these fun crafts around the home as decorations.
  4. Hanukkah foods have their core traditions that have not changed much over the years. Some popular Hanukkah foods are latkes, challahs, bimuelos, sufganiyot, and brisket. But that does not mean today’s cooking has not embellished on such traditions. Check out our recipes section for some great ideas on spicing up some of these traditions. Browse through our recipes on Cilantro Jalapeno Latkes, Cheese and Chive Challa, Apple Cider with Caramel Sufganiyot, and more!
  5. Hanukkah music is a fun way for your guests to enter your party to some fun and light music already playing. Songs like Left to Right (by Michelle Citrin), Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah (by Erran Cohen), I Have a Little Dreidel, Chanukah Bamba (by Shira Kline), Chanukah Blessings (by Julie Silver), and Maoz Tzur are great options to add to your playlist.

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