4th July Party Checklist

America’s Independence Day is fast approaching, and we’re all planning how to celebrate our stars and stripes with our family and loved ones! However, preparing for a party can be demanding – that’s why we’ve devised this 4th of July party-planning checklist for you to use! Make sure you’ve completed the items on this checklist to ensure a successful, relaxing weekend.

Fourth of July Celebrations
Fourth of July Celebrations

Invitation checklist

  • Are all the invitations sent?
  • Have you called/emailed your guests and specified the party’s start time?
  • Does anybody need transportation to the party?
  • Have your guests RSVP’d?
  • Have you made enough food based on how many people are coming?

Food and cutlery checklist

  • Are the meats marinated?
  • Has the barbecue been cleaned?
  • Have you checked if it’s working properly?
  • Are the sides made already?
  • Are there enough dishes to serve the sides on?
  • Have you bought the drinks?
  • Are there enough glasses and plates for everybody?

Furnishings checklist

  • Is the table laid?
  • Have you taken out your blue and red table cloth, as well as napkins to go with it?
  • Is there a traditional 4th of July centrepiece on the table?
  • Have the carpets been cleaned?
  • Have you vacuumed the sofa and the drapes?
  • Have you kept enough chairs on the lawn?
  • Are all the decorations up?

Cleanliness and hygiene checklist

  • Are the lawn, patio, staircase, and washrooms clean?
  • Are the soap dispensers in the washroom refilled?
  • Has the lawn been mowed?
  • Are there enough tissue rolls in the washroom?
  • Are there enough trash bins around the house? You should make sure to put one near the barbecue area, and a large one near where the guests will be seated.

Activities checklist

Fourth of July Activities
Fourth of July Activities
  • Do you have all the supplies for the activities you’ve planned? Make sure to include prizes for any activities that require them.
  • Do you have printouts of the rules and guidelines of the games?
  • If you need special furniture/furnishings for the games, are they in place?

This checklist will take away the overwhelming stress of planning a party and allow you to focus on the celebrations! We hope you have a great time this 4th of July weekend and enjoy the festivities.

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