4th of July Dessert Ideas

It’s a truly American tradition to celebrate the Fourth of July with much pomp and circumstance. Even if you plan on keeping the celebration at home, a local park or at a neighborhood block party, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that your patriotic spirit explodes just like the fireworks that will later light up the sky. After all there’s not better way to leave an impression on your friends and family than with a delectable red, white and blue dessert. Here are a few 4th of July desserts to serve at this year’s celebration.

Individual Sized Berry Parfaits or Trifles

Berry Parfaits or Trifles
Berry Parfaits or Trifles

Looking for something light and refreshing but satisfying to your delectable dessert cravings? Consider making a layered berry parfait or trifle. This can be done with a vanilla cream, pudding or yogurt, a selection of red and blue berries, and the optional addition of cubed white cake or even granola. The layering of these ingredients in a clear container will not only be a tasty combination but the colors will form a simple yet elegant patriotic motif on your table.

Red, White, and Blue Gelatin

Get creative with your next batch of Gelatin! Layer three flavors that come in colors that correspond to the flag- red, white, and blue. Layer the colors and place them in small molds to begin forming festive shapes like stars and even flags. Add some fresh fruit into the mix for another delicious surprise.

Patriotic Berry Pie

Patriotic Berry Pie
Patriotic Berry Pie

If you are more of a fan of pie, and then grab your favorite red and blue berries to bake a pie. The neutral butter crust can stand in for your white in recreating the red, white, and blue motif that everyone knows any loves. For an added touch, you can cut the dough pieces into stars to cover the top of the pie. After all, pie is a true American classic. Warm and right out of the oven, you might even serve it with an ice cold scoop of ice cream.

A Flag Cake

Do you have a go-to classic cake recipe? Make some modifications to your circular creations and bake a classic sheets cake. The rectangular shape will act as the bas of your flag. Use blue berries to filling the blue part of the flag and sliced strawberries or ever raspberries to fill in the stripes. That way, what would have been a simple rectangular cake will be a beautiful symbol of our nation’s independence.

Don’t feel limited to these recipes either. Incorporating a red, white, and blue motif can easily be done for almost any delicious dessert. For an added activity, you might even set out star shaped sugar cookies with a plethora of patriotic decorations like sprinkles and colored icings to let the kids build a few 4th of July desserts of their own!

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