4th of July Crafts with Kids

Crafts are not only fun, but also serve as great learning tool for children. During holidays like the 4th of July, interactive activities can be a great means of teaching your kids about the true meaning behind the holiday. Since celebrating more abstract ideas like freedom and independence can be harder for children to comprehend, crafts that embody these values can be very helpful in conveying these messages. Make the history behind this day engaging and educational with fun and easy-to-do 4th of July crafts for kids.

4th July Crafts for Kids - Interesting Ideas
4th July Crafts for Kids - Interesting Ideas

Decorative Wreaths

Wreaths are a great way to show your festive spirit around the home or even in your office. Consider hanging a festive wreath on your door and allowing the children to get involved in showing their holiday spirit. You could use a number of different materials to get started, but try sticking to common motifs like the colors of the American flag – red, white, and blue.

Hanging Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a simple and easy craft that kids of all ages would enjoy. Completely customizable, paper lanterns can be created using colored construction paper along with a few decorative embellishments like streamers to dangle from the ends or colorful cutouts to affix along the edges or sides. During holiday celebrations, paper lanterns can be hung all around for a bit of festive décor.

Paper Chain Flag

Using strips of red, white, and blue construction paper, parents and kids can create paper chains to link together into a festive American flag. If you want to create something a little simpler, make long chains that can be used in lieu of streamers as decorations around your home. By interchanging the color motifs in your paper chains, this craft could be used for a number of different occasions.

Popsicle stick flag

Do you have a few extra Popsicle sticks lying around? Have your children glue them together to create a flat rectangular surface as the canvas to their next 4th of July-themed craft. From there, kids can use paint to decorate the wooden surface with red, white, and blue patterns or their unique interpretation of the flag itself.


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