4 Great Outdoor Exercise Options for Busy Moms

While the climate-controlled allure of the gym can be hard to beat, exercising outdoors is a wise idea as the weather begins to warm up. Research suggests that decent outdoor temperatures coupled with appealing surroundings help you enjoy exercising more than the monotony of treadmills, tracks and stationary bicycles in-doors. And the more you enjoy doing an activity, the less likely you are to avoid it. It also ensures that you remain motivated to exercise for a longer period of time!

After taking a look at some options for outdoor exercising activities below, the pros of outdoor exercise would certainly outweigh the cons. Are you ready to hit the great outdoors?

Outdoor Exercising for Busy Moms
Running to Maintain Fitness

Exercising Outdoors – What are Your Options?

  1. Walking: Does walking sound like an inefficient exercise? Actually, this is one of the best (and cheapest) forms of exercise. Walking does not require any fancy equipment and can be squeezed into the busiest schedules. While you may burn fewer calories walking when compared to other more strenuous forms of exercise, it is easy on sore joints and great for the elderly. The biggest advantage of being a walker is that you can do it in multiple manageable spurts. Take the dog for a walk around the block, pick up those groceries on the go, or take an after-dinner stroll every night – walking is the easiest option!
  2. Running: Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise and does wonders for your heart, lungs and stamina. Watch your stress level go down and kiss that flab goodbye as you jog your way to peaceful sleeps and a clearer complexion. The only downside to strenuous running is that it puts more stress to the crucial joints of your body - ankles, knees and hips – so the risk of injury goes up. However, you can avoid this by starting slowly and gradually increasing the amount of time or distance by 10% every week. Don’t try to increase your running activity too quickly. Your aching body will most likely react with tendinitis or some other form of joint and muscle problems if you demand too much from your body.
  3. Cycling: Your heart will thank you for this particular exercise. Regular cycling has been proven to significantly improve your overall health. Cycling is also one of the best forms of cardiovascular fitness and top ways to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Cycling has an advantage over other outdoor exercise options because it can also be used as a mode of transportation. While it might not be possible to walk or run to work, many avid cyclists beat rush hour traffic by simply pushing those pedals. Taking to two wheels is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make – improved fitness, a heavier wallet, and an environmentally friendly choice – cycling has it all!
  4. Swimming: Beat the summer heat by taking a dip in the pool and splashing your way to better health. Research shows that swimmers have greater endurance, better cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength than non-swimmers. If other forms of exercise cause grief to your joints or muscles, this is a much safer option because the weightlessness of water will allow you to indulge in some pain-free exercises. Swimming does not require much equipment. All you need is a swimsuit, a swim cap, and a pair of water-proof goggles. If you have access to a pool, ocean, or lake, swimming is probably the best option for you!

All 4 outdoor exercises are cost-efficient and can be incorporated even in the most hectic schedules. After reading this, you have officially run out of excuses not to exercise!

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