4 Fun Family Activities for Thanksgiving

Gorging on turkey and watching football or parades on TV have become regular Thanksgiving traditions for many of us. But, isn’t Thanksgiving all about spending quality time bonding with your family, doing fun things together and demonstrating your gratitude for the good things of life? Unfortunately, for many Americans, it can become easy to forget the true meaning of the holiday and the overall spirit of the season. Forget the T.V., video games and the internet – entertain your loved ones by hosting a Thanksgiving party and engaging them with fun family activities for all age groups. Why not give your kids some wonderful Thanksgiving memories they will fondly remember through the years?

Family Activity Ideas for Thanksgiving

  1. Turkey Stuffing Contest
    Turkey stuffing contest "Thanksgiving Meal 2009" by Craig Dugas is licensed under CC BY 2.0
    The turkey is the most recognizable food icon for Thanksgiving and Christmas and its taste and texture has all kinds of memorable holiday associations. It is a food that is deeply entrenched in family and social tradition, so why not hold a stuffing contest when the family gets together for the holiday? Have each member bring in or prepare their favorite stuffing and let everyone vote for the best one. The voting process needs to be anonymous to avoid ruffling feathers in this fun Thanksgiving family activity.
  2. Family Crafts
    It takes time to cook up a roasted turkey and what better way to spend this extra time than by inviting the entire family to craft ornaments and mementos that could be used later as other holiday decorations as well. The simplest thing is to have someone take charge of a specific craft and bring all the supplies. The rest of the family could simply join the fun. The craft could be a centerpiece, a wreath or even something to dress up the mantel with – just make sure the little kids aren’t left out. This inclusive Thanksgiving family activity guarantees non-stop conversation!
  3. Family football
    Family football "Thanksgiving Family Football 2008" by gobucks2 is licensed under CC BY 2.0
    Watching football on T.V. can be fun, but consider making this Thanksgiving different by organizing a family football match of your own with your loved ones. Your backyard or local park is a great venue for a morning game and an activity like flag football keeps everyone active. Split the family into 2 teams or invite neighbors to join in the fun and games. These Thanksgiving outdoor family activities are a great way to burn off those extra calories too! You might even want to make it a regular feature of your annual Thanksgiving family get-together.
  4. Family Volunteering
    Volunteering can go hand in hand with a lesson in gratitude and thankfulness. After you’ve celebrated your holiday, how about giving a thought to the less fortunate? Volunteering as a family is a great way to spend Thanksgiving Day in a meaningful way and will help strengthen a family’s bond. It can include donating or raising funds for non-profit organizations; serving food at soup kitchens or even relieving family members of their usual chores.
  5. Use these fun family activities to add wonderful new traditions to your Thanksgiving and make it a time to remember.

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