3 Best Fall Sports Options for Kids

Start the new season on a bright and healthy note by taking up a fall sport! With the heat of summer giving way to the cool breeze (that hasn’t yet turned icy), fall is definitely a great time to be outdoors. Encourage your kids to stay active by suggesting a few fall sports options that they might want to try. With the beauty of the great outdoors in the fall, it’s almost a crime to stay inside for too long during this season. If your kids are begging you to let them out of the house, use this as an opportunity to keep them active before winter arrives. There are many outdoor activities to indulge in this season, sports being the most enjoyable of them all.

Best Fall Sports Options for Kids
"Autumn Leaves" by Antti Simonen is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Best Fall Sports Options to Indulge in

Here are three popular sports that your kids can enjoy this fall:

  1. Soccer – One of the most popular ball games played around the globe, soccer is played between two teams of eleven players each. Players on both teams attempt to get the ball into the opposing goal using any part of their bodies except their arms and hands. The team scoring more goals wins. This fast-paced, high energy game is played in over 200 countries, making it a top global sport. While soccer is played even in extreme weather conditions like rain and snow, there is an undeniable charm to it in the fall season. Playing soccer is a great exercise that helps kids stay fit and get in some additional exercise in a fun way and engaging way.
  2. Cross-Country – One of the major objectives in playing sports during fall is making the best of what nature has on offer. What better way to do that than inviting your kids to run through it and experience its beauty first hand? Cross-country is a great fall sport option that allows you to have your cake and eat it too – get the health benefits of sports while you soak in the natural beauty of the season. Don’t fret if your kids’ schools do not have cross-country teams. Some communities offer local running clubs that can come to your kids rescue if they show any interest in running.
  3. Cycling – A sport, a complete exercise, a recreational activity, a way to travel – bicycling is all this and so much more. This fall, give the environment a break and provide your family with a great means of exercising by opting to cycle together on the weekend or when everyone is home from school or work. Cycling can be and exciting yet challenging fall sport option in which every member of your family can partake!

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