3 Beloved Christmas Traditions for your Family

Christmas is a time when you build memories that will become part of your family lore. Here are a few time-tested Christmas traditions that will help you connect and strengthen your bonds with family members, friends and neighbors. Incorporating them into your celebrations takes just a little time, energy and creativity. But in the end, you will be able to play down the widespread commercialism of the season and focus on the people who matter the most – your family and loved ones. Make this year’s festive season a lot brighter and happier with these popular Christmas traditions for the family.

Christmas tree Decoration

The Christmas tree was first brought to Pennsylvania by German immigrants. Now more than 30 million trees are sold in America each year and decorating it is on of the most popular Christmas traditions for families across the country. Transform the tradition into a fun activity by inviting each family member, particularly the kids, to design and create a new ornament to decorate the tree each year. Make sure each ornament has the year written on the back as a subtle reminder. Miniature homemade craft figurines, novelty items, photos and wreaths make your tree stand out in the crowd of Christmas decorations!

Holiday Décor for the Home

Decorating the tree needn’t be the only Christmas tradition for your family this year. For so many families, especially those with children, dressing up their homes before inviting over  friends, extended family and neighbors is a favorite tradition for Christmas. It’s pretty simple - rope in the kids to identify a décor theme; have them draw colorful pictures with seasonal icons and bring out all the lights, statues and holiday decorations that you’ve been storing a year. Assign one decorating job to each family member – kids could put up the wreaths and lights around the house. Just make sure everyone pitches in and don’t forget to take a keepsake photo afterwards!

Singing Christmas Carols

"caroling" by Mark Plasma is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Communities bond over Christmas carols!

Some of the earliest holiday carols had their origins in non-English speaking countries and with themes that had nothing to do with Christmas. You can make this a regular Christmas tradition in your family by participating in caroling sessions in your neighborhood, community, school or church. A private family caroling session is a good opportunity to introduce your child to festive favorites like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or “Jingle Bells.” Make the music extra memorable by compiling a family carol book featuring the songs that your family sings each year, along with photos of this fun seasonal tradition.

These Christmas traditions are guaranteed to bring the kids back home every year even after they have flown the nest!



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