10 Must-See Shows for Mom in the New Year

As a parent, it is surprisingly easy for you to immerse yourself in what interests your kids and forget about your own needs. It is important to carve out some me-time and take on a few hobbies and interests that are purely your own! Satisfy your entertainment need with some of the most talked about upcoming television shows of 2014!

"Melody Watching TV" by Luke Wisley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here is our list of the TOP 10 must-see shows for the new year:

  1. About A Boy (NBC): A new television show that finds its roots in the critically acclaimed Nick Hornsby book, which spawned the popular 2002 film starring Hugh Grant. The show is set to revolve around the development of a friendship between a bachelor and his young neighbor.
  2. American Dream Builders (NBC): The perfect show for fans of reality competition shows and DIY / home improvement type series. Hosted by world-renowned design expert, Nate Berkus, American Dream Builders is going to be a big hit when it comes on screen this year.
  3. Chicago PD (NBC): A spinoff from the already popular Chicago Fire, this show will find fans and an audience that already enjoys police based dramas with multiple character plots.
  4. The Crazy Ones (CBS): Looking for a comedy to bring humor to your day? Check out this father-daughter focused show that stars seasoned actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams, who work together in the world of advertising.
  5. Junior Masterchef (Fox): Hosted by restaurateur and celebrated Chef Gordon Ramsay, this is a reality competition show featuring childrenaged 6 to 13 years old. Junior Masterchef gives adults an insight into children’s unique perspective in the industry of foodservice.
  6. Enlisted (Fox): A family drama about three brothers enlisted in the army together, this show is both a drama and a comedy. Audiences will simply feel at home with the unique family dynamic exhibited in this new series.
  7. The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC): This late night talk show is getting an all new host and direction in 2014. Don’t forget to tune in for some interesting conversation and hilarious discussions after putting the kids to bed at night.
  8. The Assets (ABC): Set in the time of the Cold War, The Assets focuses on the exciting world of spies and CIA operatives. Based on real life events, this show is perfect for history enthusiasts and fans of complex dramas.
  9. True Detective (HBO): Starring celebrated film actors, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, True Detective combines the mystery TV genre with criminal and police dramas by offering a steady set of complex characters and plotlines.
  10. Star Crossed (The CW): This new show is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet that has all the magic and mystery of sci-fi dramas. Turn to this upcoming TV series if you’re a fan of romance and fantasy genres.

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