10 Great Ideas for a Kids’ Playroom

Having a kids’ playroom is a great way to give your kids a space of their own and keep their toys and clutter out of the rest of the house. However, designing such a space for your kids can be more of a challenge than you might initially think. Storage space, organization, coziness and the ‘fun’ element are just some of the considerations that parents must keep in mind while putting together this type of space for their little ones. Here are ten great ideas for parents who want the perfect playroom for their kids.

1. The Art Corner

Creative avenues like drawing, coloring and painting are important activities for any growing child. However, keeping the art supplies in order is always a challenge. You can designate one corner of the playroom as the art corner, and keep all related stationery neatly organized in this corner. Keep separate trays or cups for the different kinds of art materials, and store them in drawers or shelves. You can also dedicate one portion of the wall to displaying the artwork that your children create.

2. The Reading Corner

Encourage your children to curl up with a book by creating an inviting space to do just that. Comfortable chairs, a soft rug and some throw cushions in a corner with bright light situated close to a bookshelf; use colors that your children like to make a corner that your kids will love.

3. A Space for Toys

If your child is big on collecting toy figures, make sure they are displayed prominently in the playroom. Any open shelf or display cabinet will serve the purpose well enough. You can even use a slanted shoe rack to display specific types of collections like cars.

4. Themed Playrooms

Incorporate a fun theme into the playroom to make it personalized for your kid’s interests. If there is a subject that really catches your child’s attention, consider making it the theme of the playroom. Dinosaurs, castles, sports and storybooks are all examples of ideas that can be made into a theme for a playroom. 

5. Fun Playhouse

You can create a special play area within the playroom by including a fun playhouse for your child. Simply by doing up the façade of a closet to look like the exterior of a house, you can make a fun playhouse where your child can spend hours with friends in pretend play. Standalone play houses work well if you have a lot of open space in the playroom. Tree houses are a great use of vertical space. Using a tent is another great way to create a private play area within the larger room.

6. Chalkboard Paint 

playroom ideas
Set aside a wall for chalkboard sketching

10 Great Ideas for a Kids’ Playroom

"vintage inspired playroom/ family office" by eren {sea+prairie} is licensed under CC BY NC SA 2.0

If your kids love writing on walls, this is the one room where they should be allowed it. Paint one section of the wall with chalkboard paint, keep a stock of colorful chalk nearby and let your children at it. This wall will be a much-loved corner where kids can write out their thoughts, create cool artwork and add character to the room. 

Active play Areas

Kids need plenty of active play, and if you have the space within your playroom, you can set up a special ‘active play’ area inside your home. With a rock climbing wall, gymnastic rings, a trampoline, a slide and a swing in the playroom, you can be sure that your child is getting plenty of physical exercise.

8. Wall Murals or Decals

Wall murals and decals do a great job of transforming a plain-looking playroom into a fun and exciting play area. Trees, birds and animals effectively bring the outdoors inside, while colorful shapes are a nice way to add color and brightness to the walls. Your child may also enjoy having book or movie characters, underwater scenes or sports-related images on the walls.

9. Dress-up Corner

Having dress up clothes aids greatly in pretend play for kids, and can also be used to put on plays for the family. If your children enjoy this type of play, you can have a dress-up corner where you store all the clothes and props. A mini-closet, clothes rack, or even clothes stand is useful for storing all the clothes. Add a mirror and some curtains and your dress-up/theatre corner is ready. 

10. Adults’ Corner

Adults don’t really belong in a playroom. So where do you sit when you want to check in on the kids and spend some time with them? Add a small couch to the playroom and you have a cozy adults’ corner where you can watch your kids at play, enjoy family game night and admire the fantastic playroom that you successfully put together.

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