Volleyball Variations - 5 Outdoor Games for Kids and Grown-ups

Summer doesn’t really feel like summer without kids splashing around the pool, the smell of corn on the cob or a fun BBQ party for friends and family. But what’s a backyard party without some fun and games! Volleyball is the game of choice when it comes to backyard play, so here are three variations that will make you head outdoors right away. All you need is a ball and a net to play these calorie-burning outdoor games for kids and active adults. Check them out!

Volleyball Variations
Volleyball Variations

Sepak Takraw

In this more interesting version of the always-popular volleyball, players use only their heads, torsos and legs to hit the ball over the net. The game originated in South-east Asia way back in the 11th century but still has a large following. It can easily be adapted as an outdoor game for kids – all you need is a volleyball (if you don’t have the traditional rattan ball) and 2 teams of three players each. After a player aims the ball over the net, the opposing team gets three chances to hit the ball before they must return it over the net. If you’re a stickler for tradition, check out the rules of the International Sepaktakraw Federation

Blindside Volleyball

Can you imagine a volleyball match where you have no idea where the next volley was coming from? Yes, blindside volleyball is highly exciting, though the rules remain the same as those of ordinary volleyball. All you need to do is hang some blankets or sheets from the top of the net to the ground below. The object of the outdoor game for kids is to volley the ball over the net – the team that first allows the ball to hit the ground loses a point. You may want to follow by-the-book volleyball rules or allow young and inexperienced players to tweak them a bit.


You’ve seen those medicine balls at your neighborhood gym – they can help you transform flab into flat abs. And they can also be used for a rambunctious match of Hooverball – the stamina-building game that helped President Hoover keep fighting fit. String up a volleyball net in your backyard, divide your friends into two teams and grab a six-pound medicine ball. The designated server in each team must volley it over the net and the team that first fails to catch it loses a point. You’ll burn oodles of calories with this challenging outdoor game for kids and adults!

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