Spring Training Traditions

Spring training is a sports-related tradition that is an annual practice in both major and minor baseball leagues. Professional teams hold sports camps, practice sessions and friendly exhibition games during this time. By visiting these camps, baseball fans and families from across the country can connect over sports and watch as players try to make the official roster for their favorite teams.

spring training traditions and information
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Make a family tradition of your own by packing up the kids and heading out to enjoy the warmer spring weather and take a vacation to enjoy time together before the official start of the season on opening day. Whether you are already a tried and true sports fan or are looking to get your kids to explore new interests, attending spring training is an amazing opportunity to bond and make lasting memories. Here are our top tips for planning a Spring Training trip with your loved ones.

Pick the perfect location: Even if you already have a favorite team, think about expanding your kids’ baseball knowledge by allowing them to scout out different locations and therefore different teams. If possible, you might even try visiting different training camps each year during your kids’ spring break from school.

Get familiar with your team: Before you set out on your trip, make sure that your kids are learning something new. Little ones can be kept engaged in spring training events by learning about the players and the traditions of the teams that they are watching.

Do your research on packages: Spring training brings out families from across the country to attend events throughout the preseason. This tradition might be more common that you realize. Do your research online for travel packages and deals that can help you make the most of your travels and experiences once you and your kids are near the field.

Make the experience interactive: Get your kids some starter baseball gear of their own and toss the ball around a nearby park or open area near the training camp or field. You might even look for batting cages and have them feel the same rush of competition as the pros by getting them involved in the sport too!

Pack the essentials: Being outdoors in the spring with kids can be a challenge no matter the locale. Make sure that your family is prepared with all the essentials – snacks, travel first aid kit, water, sunscreens, etc. Planning ahead can help assure that everyone has a fun and memorable day without any unnecessary worries.

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