Recording Easter Traditions

Easter is all about colorfully decorated eggs and delicious breads and pastries! But, it is also about some of those special Easter traditions and activities that are unique to your family. This spring, record your family traditions and safeguard them for the future generations to follow.

Record How You Decorated Easter Eggs

Easter traditions
Sitting down with kids to record Easter traditions!
"Dying Easter eggs." by Joshua Hunter is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dyeing eggs before Easter is a cherished memory for all of us! Set up the video camera in a corner from where you can get a panoramic view of the whole room. Set up your workspace in an area where the camera can clearly record your activities. Stand facing the camera, gather the family around, and start decorating the Easter eggs. Save the video and share it with your close friends and family.

Make a Scrapbook of Easter Recipes

Easter scrapbook
Easter scrapbook
"116/365 Scrapbook Stash" by rhetoricjunkie is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Doesn’t Easter remind you of hot cross buns, pretzels, homemade pastries, roasted lamb, and Easter eggs? It’s a great idea to make a scrapbook in which you can save all your traditional Easter recipes. Involve the kids in the process and you are sure to have another Easter family activity that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Here’s how you can create this fun Easter scrapbook.

Pick your recipes –

The idea is to make an Easter scrapbook so that your family traditions are documented for later generations to follow. So, make sure you list the recipes in detail and include every small variation that you make. Grannies and moms have their own ways of making pretzels and hot cross buns on Easter; ask them for their recipes and they’ll be thrilled to share them!

Pick your paper and embellishments –

What types of paper do you want to use for your Easter scrapbook? Some quintessential colors of Easter are white, green, purple, yellow, orange, pink, blue, and silver. You can choose to make your Easter scrapbook as colorful or as mellow as you like.

Choose the embellishments carefully and avoid going overboard. Don’t buy over-the-top glittery flowers or funny shapes to make your Easter scrapbook. Concentrate instead on the paper and pictures.

Layout of each page –

Decide on whether you want your scrapbook to be in the landscape or in the portrait orientation and accordingly select your pictures and add your embellishments.

Journal each recipe –

Write the recipe on the right side of each page and paste the Easter recipe pictures on the left. Write a small story with each recipe to make the scrapbook more personal and interesting.

Get started with recording some of your favorite Easter traditions and toast to a handful of memories!

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