Putting Together a Neighborhood Water Fight

Sometimes the sweltering summer heat can be unbearable – sticking our heads in the freezer sounds more appealing than going outside! A great way to beat the high temperatures is by having a neighborhood water fight. This is a fun way for the neighborhood kids to bond, and Dad will have a blast participating while making sure that everything goes smoothly.

water fight in the neighborhood during summers
"Camp Humphreys readies for more troops, Families - FMWRC - US Army 100727" by U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

To begin, choose a venue. This can be someone’s big backyard, a school field (during the weekend, when it likely won’t be in use), or a local park. Pick a date, and invite all the kids in the neighborhood, as well as your kids’ friends. Even some parents might like to join! Next, grab water guns, water balloons, and water bombs! Make sure you have enough for everyone. Also, fill large buckets with water and place them strategically around the venue, so the kids can fill up their pistols if they run out.

You can either decide to play a game, or just go for it! A fun water fight game to play is water tag – it’s basically regular tag, but instead of tapping the person you’re “tagging”, you spray them with water or get them with a water balloon! If you’d rather go for a wilder approach, just have everyone go crazy! The goal here is to run out of all your water. Dad and other parent supervisors should watch over the kids to make sure no one gets hurt or upset, and should call time-outs if necessary.

Water fights are an exhilarating way to get your kids enthusiastic about going outside this summer, as well as to help them cool down in the heat. Your kids, their friends, and Dad will have a great time being silly with each other – just make sure you have an arsenal of towels for when they’re finished!

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