Organizing a Kids’ Neighborhood Game Night

Escape the work and monotony of your everyday routine with a night of games in your neighborhood. From time to time, it can feel liberating to unplug from your regular routine with electronic devices – tablets, phones, etc. – so that you and your kids can focus on playing and bonding with their your neighbors and family friends. Share some of these helpful tips on hosting a neighborhood game night with those in your community.

A Night of Board Games

The purpose is to have fun and spend time together. Invite your neighborhood families to come over with their favorite board games. Then, split up into small groups based on your interests and the game. If you want the process of splitting to be more objective, then select each group by casting lots. Set a time limit to play each game and move on to the next. The winner of the maximum number of board games is declared the champion of the night!

Sports Night in your Neighborhood

Remember how you used to have field days at school? Transform your neighborhood into one of those field day settings and have fun with a night of neighborhood games! Put together games like potato sack races, water balloon tosses, hide and seek, capture the flag, tug-of-war, and three-legged races to add fun to the event. You can award the winner of each game a medal or any other memorabilia.

Food Championship

Organize a food party on your street. If only kids are allowed to participate, you can also give out ideas for kid-friendly recipes. Set up tables and lay the spreads for all to come and savor. Invite connoisseurs to sample everybody’s dishes and choose a winner. You can either abide by a theme or have everybody cook anything that they fancy. This will not only allow the neighbors to interact with each other, but the children will have fun too.

You can organize one of the following neighborhood activities too, throughout the year and during special seasonal holidays:

  1. Have an Easter egg hunt on your block and invite neighbors who let you use their front yards
  2. Host a summer barbeque every Friday night and invite others to contribute
  3. Organize a backyard movie night for kids in your neighborhood
  4. Organize a play date
  5. Start a sowing group with kids
  6. Form a neighborhood group that can go Christmas caroling
  7. Throw a 4th of July neighborhood party
  8. Start a weekly open meal night on your porch

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