Night Time Safety

The darkness of night can be scary to both kids and adults. Help ease your family’s night time anxieties about this specific time of day by talking to your kids about evening safety and making sure that they feel safe, secure, and ready for any unexpected occurrences at home.

Night Time Safety
"Home at Night" by Jim Larrison is licensed under CC BY 2.0

From dealing with simple fears about the dark to blackouts or earthquakes and more urgent issues like those involving home intruders, parents like you will ultimately want to be prepared for anything. After all, with kids in the home, your anxiety regarding any type of evening safety issues can be a growing concern. Here are a few tips for how you might approach dealing with nighttime safety with kids.

Secure your Home before Heading to Bed

Every night after putting the kids to bed, follow a quick safety routine. Make sure the doors to your home are locked and that any easily accessible windows are shut and secure. Consider placing hallway night lights out for your kids in case they might need to get up from bed for whatever reason during the night.

Have an Emergency Plan

In case of an emergency, be sure your kids know what to do. For example, if they might need to quickly evacuate the house, make them aware of the easiest ways of exiting the home from their bedrooms. While nighttime safety is a difficult subject to approach as it can be a frightening concept for young children, it is an important topic for all families.

Be Prepared with the Basics

Equip your family members and kids with the essentials like bedroom night-lights, flashlights, or lanterns. In case of an emergency these basic tools can help not only make people feel safer, but they can also help little ones navigate through the house in the dark of the night.

Making your little ones aware of these night time safety concerns will help them feel more calm, cool, and collected in the face or any evening emergencies.

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