How to Throw a Final Four Party

If you want your Final Four screening at home to be more than just four guys sipping beer sitting on the couch, then read on! These cool party tips will make watching your championship game final more memorable than you can imagine!

Final Four Party Planning
Final Four Party

Tips to Help You Throw a Great Final Four Party


Make sure your guests arrive at least half an hour before the game starts. It’s annoying if guests continue to trickle in even after the game has begun.


Whether you’re hosting a Final Four party or attending one, make sure it’s being projected on a large widescreen, preferably an HD LED! When you’re not on ground zero, you would definitely like to get a slice of the real thing at home, wouldn’t you?


We know it’s essentially your guy friends who’ll join you at the Final Four basketball screening, so bring on the Buffalo wings and let the spirit flow! However, if you’re the health-conscious type, read on for some healthy game-party food options to munch on and gulp down!

Guacamole stuffed eggs – These are certainly easy to make! Hard boil eggs, cut them in half, and scoop out the yolks. Mash them with leftover guacamole and stuff the hollows of the half eggs with the mix. Make loads of these egg snacks and serve them with tartar.

Baked zucchini sticks – The healthy way of cooking these munchies makes it even more appetizing! Sprinkle it with herbs, season them and put them in the oven to cook and turn stiff. Serve them with a variety of sour dips.

Popcorn – Supply this in plenty! You can make these in a variety of flavors - from peppy cheese to crunchy caramel. They’ll get over sooner than you’ll ever realize!

Dips – French onion, blue cheese, and salsa are some dips that taste great with the healthy snack options.


Final Four Party
Final Four Party Theme

You might not have thought about a Final Four party theme but trust us, it goes well with the game! Is it last year’s favorite Louisville taking away the trophy this year too, or is it Florida, Kentucky, or Tennessee that will reign supreme in 2014? You’ll soon know and you can accordingly choose the jersey colors of the teams through to the finals as the theme of your championship game screening of the Final Four. Purchase party supplies in the teams’ colors and have a blast! Or, if you don’t have a favorite yet, then stick to the basketball theme and buy plates, spoons, and glasses accordingly.


Place bets on your favorites and hope to win! Just be sure to keep things calm so there’s no animosity once the game is over.

There’s sure to be enough excitement in the air. Enjoy the thrilling matches with your close buddies and follow these tips so you have a hassle-free and memorable time!

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