How to Save Money on Food Costs - 5 Easy Tips for Dads (and Moms)

Blame it on rising oil prices, global warming or a weakened dollar, but food costs are now swallowing a major chunk of your monthly paycheck. Is there some way you can feed your family on a budget without compromising on quality, quantity or nutrition? Of course there is. Check out our 5 strategic tips to save money on food costs.

Save, Don’t Starve – 5 Food Budgeting Tips for Families

How to Save Money on Food Costs
How to Save Money on Food Costs
  1. Plan ahead

    Before you go shopping for groceries, take a look at what you already have and devise a weekly menu plan. Then make a shopping list based on your needs and remember to take those leftovers into account. Make sure you have a light snack before you hit the grocery store. Once there, stick to your list and avoid expensive impulse buys.

  2. Use coupons

    Clip money-saving coupons and sign up for email alerts from your favorite grocery store. Try and shop at stores that double or triple the value of coupons and keep a lookout for coupons that offer free products. Use your coupons at store sales to increase its purchasing value and save money. You could even join a coupon swapping group in your area and exchange coupons for stuff you buy regularly.

  3. Shop at the right places

    If food costs are breaking the bank, you probably aren’t shopping at the right places. Check out deep-discount grocery stores – you’ll find test market items and overstocks and you can even halve your food bills by simply adjusting your menu. Wholesale clubs too sell items in bulk and at significantly lower rates, though you need to factor in the membership fees and cost of transportation in order to calculate the actual benefits. Online shopping too is a great way to save money and time, but only if you are a savvy shopper and can resist getting the wiles of advertisers.

  4. Eat seasonal foods

    Foods bought in season not only taste better but are priced better too. Visit a nearby farmers’ market and load up on those farm-fresh deals. Make sure you buy extra and stock up the freezer because most fruits and veggies freeze really well.

  5. Cook your own food

    Cooking is a highly useful skill to possess – not only do you eat healthy, you also save money in the bargain. If you don’t know how to, borrow a cookbook and try simple recipes like pasta or rice that can’t go wrong. Practice till you get it right. Learn how to use up leftovers and pack your own lunch instead of spending $5 on eating out. If you simply can’t do without junk food, try making your favorite salty or sweet addiction at home. You’ll probably consume less since it requires more effort!

  6. Following these tips will save money on food in no time. Start today!

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