How to Involve your Kids with Easter

Celebrating Easter and the joys of the spring season allows you to gather the family and enjoy the opportunity to get in some extra bonding time with the kids. After all moments like these through the years are ones to cherish especially as the little ones grow. Whether you turn to fun and festive crafts or decide to celebrate the day with a few new traditions, Easter is a day to renew and confirm your love for one another. Turn to some of these splendid spring activities this Easter to get your kids involved in this annual celebration. 

involving kids with easter celebrations
Children involved with Easter celebrations
"Polish pisanki - Easter eggs" by Jaroslaw Pocztarski is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Easter Egg Hunt: There’s nothing more festive during Easter than a holiday hunt for eggs. Organize one of our own in your yard or a local park for the kids and your friends and extended family. You can either use hardboiled, decorated eggs or plastic ones filled with sweet treats and other prizes. However, remember that you’ll want to make a map, listing the location of each hidden egg as to assure that none go to waste or are left to spoil. You can get creative with it by outlining a set of fun rules to give the kids a little direction and structure so that your hunt goes on smoothly or presents a competitive challenge

Decorate Eggs: Buy a few dozen eggs and hard-boil them for the kids to decorate with their own unique style. Cover a table in your home with craft paper and turn to readily available egg dying kits or simple food dyes and while vinegar mixtures to get started. Provide some extra details like glitter or paint for them to add onto their designs. Keep in mind that if you use non-toxic décor items you can still use the eggs around the kitchen after they have been decorated – deviled eggs, egg salad, etc.

Holiday Worksheets: From quick and easy coloring sheets to educational content themed around common symbols of the season like bunnies, flowers, and festively decorated eggs there are so many options to help keep the kids engaged and busy during this busy family holiday. There is a plethora of great options available online that you can print for free. Challenging them to learn and express themselves creatively will be an easy means of making holiday learning fun!

Festive Baking: Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Grab some bunny or egg shaped cookie cutters and a quick and easy sugar cookie recipe. Roll out the dough into a flat sheet then start cutting out Easter themed cookies to decorate with icing, sprinkles, and any of your kids’ favorite cookie toppings. But don’t feel limited to cookies. With a little research you can find a ton of great Easter themed ideas for cupcakes, cake pops, and more!

Use these exciting activities to get your kids more involved in your family Easter celebration, but don’t feel too limited either. There all kinds of things to do with kids on Easter besides those outlined here like bunny hop sack races, egg carrying relays, annual portraits with eth Easter Bunny, surprise Easter baskets, and more! Traditions like these are ones that can be passed on from generation to generation, so hop to your chance to join in on all the holiday fun.

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