How to Help your Child Start Football Practice – Tips for Youth Football Parents

Are your little sports champs eagerly awaiting their chance to battle across the football field in quest of fame and glory? As any seasoned football player will tell you, participating in youth sports is one the most fulfilling experiences in the life of a young athlete. But football is a notoriously tough sport that challenges little bodies and minds to prove their grit in a game that challenges both physical and mental abilities. After all, it takes more to succeed at football than just the skills learned on the field. Here are a few things you can do to help your child start off football practice on the right foot and avoid some of the obvious dangers associated wit this high contact sport.

Youth football tips

Your Child Starting Football Practice – Things Parents Need to Know

Engage your child in regular practice

Maybe you were a former quarterback for your high school football team; maybe you’ve never so much as thrown a ball. Just have a quick flag football game with your child every weekend; let him or her practice their skills on the field or let them teach you what their coach has been teaching them. This is crucial if you want him to gain confidence in their game and become a better player.

Make sure your child is in good shape

Football is a strenuous sport and it takes a lot of strength and conditioning to play it well. A child with good endurance is less likely to get hurt and will be a better blocker and tackler. If your child is really young, regular exercise will help build his or her stamina; older kids will benefit from a regular weight lifting schedule and gym workouts before football season starts.

Pay attention to nutrition

Temperatures during football season can be tough, so hydration should be one of the top most considerations when you prepare your child for football practice. A sizeable number of sports-related injuries and sicknesses occur due to over-heating and dehydration; encourage your child to sip on water throughout the day so they are well primed for the field. Nutrition is just as important as hydration – young football players should make it a point to snack on healthy snacks and small meals throughout the day and before practice for help in building their energy.

Let the coach staff do their job

If you feel your child can play better in a different position, have them to ask the coach if he or she could play there during practice. Any competent coach will gladly let kids play in almost any position during practice sessions, unless there are strong reasons why they shouldn’t - like weight or size restrictions. Playing various positions will help your child mature as a player and understand the game better.

A reasonable amount of planning will go a long way to prepare your child for his first football practice. So plan ahead and use these tips to assure that your budding MVPs are both safe and healthy when they head into their next practice.

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