Do's and Don'ts for Father Daughter Dances

Father daughter dances are a milestone and long held tradition in schools, local community organizations, and more. For some they are the first glimpse into the pinnacle of father-daughter moments, the dance on your daughter’s wedding day. Because of the gravity and sentiment behind this act, father-daughter dance traditions are common around the world for significant times in a young girl’s life, including debutant balls and the like.

Tips for dad-daughter dancing duo

Do's and Don'ts for Father Daughter Dances

" Father-Daughter Dance-U.S.Army Garison Humphreys, South Korea - 22 June 2013" by USAG- Humphreys is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts for approaching your next opportunity to dance with your daughter:

Make sure she is comfortable –

For a young girl, dances can carry a lot of pressure. To make the experience more memorable and enjoyable do what you can to make sure that your little girl feels comfortable hitting the dance floor. As a special treat you might even take your little girl to a dance class before the big day to help erase any dance related insecurities.

Don’t forget to take photos –

Make the moments count by capturing them on film. Photos from momentous occasions like this will be great keepsakes in chronicling your daughter’s growth through the years. Hopefully each moment you snap will bring about fond memories for both of you down the line.

Treat her like a princess –

Make the experience a memorable one by spoiling your daughter for the day. In the hours leading up to the dance, pamper her by booking appointments for her to get her nails, hair, and (if she’s old enough) make up done professionally. This will make the day feel a little more special and out of the ordinary.

Don’t crowd her in front of her friends –

Once you are at the dance, make sure to give her all your attention but to also give her some space. Allow her to socialize with friends and classmates as this helps in her overall development. This will also give you some time to introduce yourself to some of the other fathers from her class or organization.

Father-daughter dances don’t need to be something you and your little girl stress out about. Remember, moments like these are meant for you to have fun and make lasting memories that you both will cherish through the years. Use these tips and your own natural instincts to help relieve some of the stress and make your next father-daughter dance event a breeze.

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