Best TV Episodes to Watch on St. Patrick’s Day

Have you decided to avoid the hectic scene of St. Patrick’s Day parties and stay at home with your family? There is plenty to do at home on St. Patrick’s Day – make great food, gulp down popular Irish drinks, and watch your favorite shows on TV to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your own unique way! Here is a list of great St. Patrick’s Day TV shows and episodes that you can watch with your friends once the kids are ready for bed.

Best T.V. Episodes for St. Patrick's Day
Best T.V. Episodes for St. Patrick's Day
"Too Much TV" by Dan Goodwin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How I Met Your Mother, Season 3, Episode 12

The epic moment in this episode of the popular TV series is seeing Barney in a green suit! He convinces Ted to take part in all kinds of crazy stunts during their annual St. Patrick's Day celebration. But, as in most sitcoms, things rarely go as planned. Watch as a night of juvenile board games turns into an evening filled with comedic drama among this group of city living friends!

Cheers, Season 11, Episode 19

This particular episode from ‘Cheers’ sets the perfect sit-at-home celebratory tone for St. Patrick’s Day! Your family will be in stitches as they watch Woody being stuck in Cheers’ own bar and rival owner of ‘Gary’s Olde Town Tavern’ getting conned by the local pickpocket! All kinds of hilariously comedic memories are made as the gang celebrates with their own take on common Irish traditions.

The Office, Season 6, Episode 17

The series—presented as if it were a real documentary—depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the ‘Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’. In this episode, characters Jo Bennett and Michael clash during Jo's last day at the Scranton branch, when Jo makes the whole office stay late at work on St. Patrick’s Day. Hoping to save the day, Michael unsuccessfully tries to butter up his new boss to assure that the whole office gets to celebrate the holiday earlier than Jo had planned.

The Simpsons, Season 20, Episode 1

The Simpsons debuted its 20th season with this episode. Some bizarrely crazy things happen– leprechauns warring with each other, Lisa temporarily stopping a riot with her singing prowess, Homer working as a bounty-hunter, and Marge working at an erotic bakery. For older fans of the show, this is a must-watch TV show on St. Patrick’s Day!

Bewitched, Season 2, Episode 27

"The Leprechaun" was first telecast on March 17, 1966 and it is still one of the most watched St. Patrick’s Day TV episodes of Bewitched. In this episode, Henry Jones guest stars as Brian O'Brien, a leprechaun who has lost his pot of gold. Samantha must help the leprechaun and hopes to snap Brian out of his doldrums.

So, bring on the wine, serve the delectably delicious treats, and take control of the remote - St. Paddy’s Day is here!

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