Backyard Luau Party Ideas for Summer

It’s time for some sun, sand, and surf! This summer, bring Hawaii to your home by hosting a fun backyard luau party for your close friends and family. After all, what could be better than soaking up the sun with bright decorations, fun games, festive cocktails and your favorite people? Here’s a quick checklist that will help you organize a party that will keep everyone in great spirits!

Backyard Luau Party
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How to Organize a Backyard Luau Party

To host a memorable backyard luau party, take care of five essential aspects – invites, décor, food, entertainment, and clothing. If you score well in these areas, everyone at the party is sure to ask for an encore! Here are some ideas to help you get started.


Once you plan your guest list, and decide on whether you want to host your party in the day or in the evening, your first step to set the tone for your party will be with the invites that you send out. There are lots of amazing ideas for luau-themed party invites. From those in the shape of cute flip flops to those in the shapes of sun glasses or even exotic flowers, you can get really creative. A great invite will prepare guests for the theme and mood of your party, so make sure to leave an impression!


Think of Hawaii and images of tropical fruits, grass skirts, leis and ukuleles rush to mind. Use all these elements in your décor to give your backyard luau party an authentic touch. Hang grass skirts around tables and use pineapples and coconut shells as centerpieces. If your party is in the evening, tiki torches will give your ambience the perfect touch. Brightly colored lanterns will also do the trick. Exotic, tropical flowers will give your party a complete Hawaiian look. Use bright colors like pink, orange, yellow and green for all your decorations to brighten up the environment.


Luau Party Food
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No party can be complete without finger-licking food, and for a backyard luau party, go tropical. Start guests off with a welcome drink. Add a tropical touch by serving drinks in empty coconut shells, with straws and little umbrellas. Along with finger food and hotdogs and burgers, slow-roasted pork is an absolute must-have! You can also serve guests barbecue pork chops, ribs, grilled pineapples and a tropical fruit platter.


Luau Party Entertainment
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You will need some great music and games to keep the party going! No Hawaii-themed luau party is complete without a game of limbo. See how low your guests can go and keep a special prize for the winner. Keep some hoops ready as well and encourage your guests to try their hand at hula hoop. Get everyone to participate so that nobody is left out.

When it comes to music, Elvis and The Beach Boys are a great bet. Keep the tunes upbeat and pull your guests to the dance floor. It’s the perfect time to let down your hair and enjoy the rhythm.


Keeping in theme with your party, wear floral shirts, skirts or shorts, and leis. If possible, hand out leis for your guests to wear as well. Your obvious choice of footwear will be flip flops! Go the extra mile and wear flower strung headpieces in your hair.

With these easy tips in mind, your summer backyard luau party is sure to be a grand success!

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