A Dad’s Guide for Must-Have Power Tools

The raw power, deafening noise and destructive ability of power tools have secured them a permanent place in every man’s heart. Whether cutting down a tree or building a shed in the backyard, no task is too difficult when you’ve got the right tools on hand. It’s difficult to say which is more satisfying– the way power tools cut through the toughest materials with ease or the professional, well-crafted look you get when you’ve completed a well done job. But one thing’s for sure – every man needs a few essential power tools to get even the smallest of improvements done around the house. Here is a brief guide to the must-have power tools for dad.

Power toold for dads

"Toolbag with power tools" by Mark Hunter is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Must-Have Power Tools for Every Man

Cordless drill

Why you need it: This power tool is perfect for boring holes and driving screws into almost any kind of material. The cordless version is handy for work both indoors as well as outside the house. You will find yourself reaching for this baby for almost any woodwork or home improvement project you undertake.

What to look for: Any decent cordless drill comes with a reversible motor for backing out screws, a dual-speed motor and an adjustable clutch to control how deeply you drill. All of these features are mandatory in a drill that you will be using around the house. Nothing is quite as frustrating as having your cordless drill die out before you’re done with a project. Look for the mAh rating of the batteries to figure out which ones will hold a charge for longer. The higher the rating, the longer it will last. Also keep in mind that the higher the voltage of the batteries, the heavier the drill gets and the more difficult it is to use it for extended periods. On the other hand, a battery with low voltage will not last long. You will find many compact 12V cordless drills, but you’re more likely to need an 18V one for heavy use.

Circular saw

Why you need it: A circular saw can cut through a wide variety of material, and for various uses. Whether building a deck or making garage shelves, cutting through hardwood or wet lumber, this tool won’t let you down. It is great for both cross cuts (cutting across the grain) as well as ripping (cutting along the grain), meaning that you will be putting this tool to good use time and again.

What to look for: Corded circular saws are less expensive than the cordless ones, and will see you to the end of your job. You won’t have to use this too far from a power outlet, and an extension cord should serve the purpose in case you do. The real question is the diameter of the blade you will be using. A circular saw that can take a 7 ¼” wide blade can make quick work of a stack of material more than 3 inches thick. You will find a wide range of blades that come in this size as it is the most common one. A 15 Amp saw is the standard and will last you for many years.


Jigsaw - power tool for dads

"Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw" by Mark Hunter is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Why you need it: For cutting any shape other than a straight line in a piece of thin wood, this is what you need. Jigsaws are great for cutting curves, making it a favorite for fine cutting, detailing and stenciled patterns.

What to look for:  Corded jigsaws are easier to use and a 5 amp jigsaw is sufficient for heavy-duty use. For less frequent usage, a 3 amp model will suffice. If you will be using your jigsaw for crafting and scroll cuts, a knob-style auxiliary handle will help with precision steering. Dual-bevel capability, variable speeds and orbital action settings are other features that will help you make the most of your jigsaw.

Oscillating Multi tool

Why you need it: This power tool helps get you through small jobs like detail sanding, grinding, grout removal, wood cutting and scraping without tiring you out. It comes with interchangeable heads and blades to suit your purpose.

What to look for: Corded is better unless you think the cord will really get in the way of your work. Consider the runtime, comfort of use and blade change mechanism of the tool as they will affect your experience working with it.

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