5 Super-Fun Mobile Apps for Dads

The smartphone is one of the most efficient and powerful digital tools you can possibly have at the moment. More importantly, it can help you fulfill your family responsibilities and make your job as a dad a lot easier. Here are five free mobile apps for iPhone and Android, especially designed for men who want to be equipped with all the latest and greatest technology to enhance their role as the father of the house.

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Fun Mobile Apps for Dads
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Labor and Contraction Timer

You might never undergo labor pains but you can certainly experience them vicariously. Here’s a handy stopwatch-like mobile app for iPhone that measures the length of each contraction and the time between contractions. Deciding when to head to hospital is much easier because you now know what stage of labor your partner is in. The buttons are large and visible, while the entire format is simple, informative and highly user-friendly. Just make sure your hospital bag’s packed and ready!

Life 360

If you were looking for a tool that keeps your family connected 24/7, this Android app is your dream come true. Just register on life360.com to connect all family members’ cell phones and use this free mobile app to locate them wherever they might be. The app also keeps everyone informed about potential risks near each member’s location and find useful resources like fire stations, hospitals, etc. Pressing the panic button on the app will shoot off a text message or an email sharing your GPS location with all family members. Life 360 is the concerned dad’s mainstay and lifeline!


Now you can edit and enhance those baby or family holiday pictures instantly on your iPhone, thanks to this free mobile app. Why bother to email the latest bunch of pictures when you can crop them, sharpen colors and use all kinds of fancy modifications right there? If you’re an iPhone photography freak-cum-doting dad, Photogene is definitely a must-have app!

Nest Egg Estimator

Looking for ways to save on family finances? Building a nest egg for college and retirement just got a whole lot easier. This useful free mobile app estimates the future outcome of your current finances; it calculates your income, expenses and how well (or badly) your savings and investments are going to shape up in a few years. It gives you the flexibility to set up different imaginary scenarios to see how your bottom line will be affected by saving a few dollars more every month or investing in mutual funds as opposed to government-backed securities. A great tool to boost your family financial planning!

iStory Books

If your kids are young enough to be read to, here’s a fun Android mobile app to help you entertain them with stories. And there are plenty to choose from – animal parables, fairy tales, educational fiction, you name it! – all designed to enhance the quality time you spend with the kids. It’s also a great way to help your child learn to read. Family time will never be dull as long as you have iStory Books to keep you company!

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