5 Outdoor Family Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day is a special occasion to celebrate the beauty of nature and to learn about ecological issues that affect all earthlings. For parents, it’s a great opportunity to talk to their children about the environment and encourage them to develop environment-friendly attitudes and habits. Here are 5 fun outdoor activities to help you celebrate Earth Day as a family.

Family Activities for Earth Day
"U-M Earth Day Tree Hugging Flash Mob" by University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Earth Day Activities for the Family

  1. Neighborhood Clean-up Drive
    This may not be the most glamorous of tasks, but it will certainly make your kids more environmentally-conscious. Pick a street, local park or a specific part of your community and get everyone to pitch in, collecting litter and recyclable stuff. At the end of the day, give out prizes to the person who put in the most number of hours or collected the most garbage. Just make sure everyone’s wearing gloves and, if necessary, other protective clothing. Your kids will take great pride in the fact that their efforts made the community more attractive!
  2. Plant a backyard garden
    If you've got an empty backyard, Earth Day is the perfect time to start cultivating it. Besides, it’s spring and the kids will love to sweat it out after being cooped up indoors all winter. You could plant useful stuff like herbs and veggies or nurture a decorative flower garden. Gardening will bring the kids closer to nature and help them learn where their food comes from. And it’s great for teaching them the importance of observation, patience and the value of physical labor.
  3. Plant a tree
    Never mind if you don’t have a backyard or couldn’t take on the responsibility of maintaining a garden. You can always plant a tree (or several) and help your kids learn how valuable they are for the environment. Participate in an Earth Day tree planting project along with your family – most communities organize one and it’s one of the most popular outdoor activities associated with Earth Day.
  4. Catch, study, release
    There are a lot of beautiful butterflies and insects in nature but they aren’t very easy to observe, being small and elusive. Take your kids for an Earth Day nature walk, capture these tiny beauties with a net and release them once you are done studying them. The kids will love a chance to observe the creatures that are our fellow earthlings and get an interesting science lesson in the bargain.
  5. Arrange for a car-free day
    Leave the car in the garage for Earth Day and go to work (or a family outing) using other means of transportation (walking, bikes, public transport, etc.) Explain why this is such a good idea and how it will have a positive impact on the environment and your health. Encourage your kids to reduce their dependence on cars and walk or take the train/bus whenever possible.

This Earth Day, train your family to take good care of our beautiful planet.

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