4 Unusual Mother’s Day Ideas for Kids and Dads

Mother’s Day should ideally be about allowing the kids to find ways to show their mom that they appreciate them. However, when kids are still too young to understand the concept of the holiday, Dad may need to lend a helping hand. Flowers, cards and brunch might be seen as unoriginal and passé, so make this year’s celebration stands out with one of our four unusual ideas for dads and kids to employ this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day gifts
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Unique Mother’s Day Ideas for Dads and Kids:

Give mom a day off

Your kids’ mom probably has more things on her plate than she can handle. If she’s like most mothers, she’ll appreciate a few hours of peace and quiet rather than expensive Mother’s Day gifts or breakfast in bed. So just leave mom at home and head out with the kids for a fun outing to the park or maybe a movie. Do not call or text her during this precious mini-vacation and make sure the meals are taken care of. Sometimes, what moms really want for Mother’s Day is the gift of simple free time and a moment to rest!

Lend an ear

Everyone expects their mom to lend a sympathetic ear to their complaints and feelings. How about getting the kids to experience what mom does by listening what she has to say? Have them interview their mom about what motherhood means to her, her memories of their childhood and her own experiences as a child. You might even record the conversation, edit it and present it to her as pleasant Mother’s Day gift. Your family will appreciate these types of memories, years down the line.

Gift a sleep certificate

Frazzled new moms appreciate nothing, literally NOTHING more than an uninterrupted night of sleep. For her first Mother’s Day, you could design a loving ‘sleep certificate’ that entitles her to a full eight hours of sleep while you and the baby sleep in a different room. Just make sure you know what to do if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. It’s definitely worth it - she’ll wake up feeling refreshed instead of exhausted and grouchy. Can you imagine a better gift for Mother’s Day than the gift of sleep?

Write a letter to mom

Nothing spells love like a handwritten family letter to mom. Grab some beautiful handmade paper and a pen and get the kids to write loving messages in it. Include funny or tender memories, interesting recollections and shared anecdotes. If your family pictures are digitally stored, print out a few and glue them on to the letter to make a fun collage. For any mom, perfume and gourmet meals can’t hold a candle to a simple handwritten letter from her kids. You can be sure she’ll treasure it forever!

These simple Mother’s Day ideas help strengthen precious family bonds without costing a penny!

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