10 Fly Fishing Essentials for Dads

"If fishing is like religion, then fly-fishing is high church." ~ Tom Brokaw

Long weekends and the luxury of free time to enjoy your favorite hobbies is hard to come by when you’re a parent! So it is no wonder that your old fly rods are probably gathering dust in storage. Next time you manage to get away, here’s a list of essential fly fishing gear that you will want to take on your trip! Picking up the following fly fishing tools is the perfect way to kick start your long laid-off hobby!

Every Fly Fisherman’s Must-Haves:

  1. Flies – Remember the golden rule of using flies for fly fishing: “Size matters”! Use flies that are native to your area so that the fish you plan on catching know their prey well!
  2. Fly rod – Choose a rod that is comfortable, light, and balanced, but still allows you to cast the distance you need to reach. You might have to try a few fly rods before you find the perfect one. Remember, it’s the fly rod that controls the movement of the fly underwater and attracts fish to the bait.
  3. Nets – If you’re practicing ‘catch and release’, then using a net will be helpful as they cause minimum stress to the fish. Nets allow you to land fish easily and safely.
  4. Bobbers and sinkers – When a fish bites into a bobber, the latter sinks and you’ll know it’s time to reel in your catch. You can choose between round bobbers and slip bobbers depending on your comfort. Round bobbers need to be clipped to the fishing line in order to catch the fish while a slip bobber needs to be slid up and down the line and takes a little more time to catch. However, slip bobbers help you reach deeper waters.
  5. Needle nose pliers – These are used to take the fish out of the hook, and sometimes to take them out of you too! Minor accidents like these are a regular while fly fishing, so keep needle nose pliers handy.
  6. Fly box – A fly box lets you keep your fly fishing tools arranged in one place. Be sure to organize the flies according to their accessibility and your comfort.
  7. Fishing vest – This is used to hold a variety of fishing accessories such as tippets, knives, snacks, flies, etc. Make sure your fishing vest has all the pockets you need and is made from durable quality fabric.
  8. Extra line – Whether it’s a monster fish or a slimy weed in the depths of the lake, you never know how and when the fishing lines can snap or get tangled. It’s always a good idea to have some extra line in your fly fishing tackle box.
  9. Sunglasses, sun blocks, hatsFly fishing means being out in the sun all day. Use sunglasses, sun blocks and hats to fight the deadly skin diseases that result from overexposure to the sun.
  10. First aid kit – Minor injuries like getting a hook caught in your thumb or falling and scraping yourself are common while fly fishing. To deal with these hitches, stay ready with a sufficiently stuffed first-aid kit.

Happy summer and happy fly fishing!

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