In-Game Chat Guide - JumpStart

The in-game chat system can be a bit of a mystery and confusion can arise concerning why players’ chat is blocked. While players have reported being silenced for not saying anything inappropriate, please be mindful that JumpStart is made for players of all ages, ranging from children to adults. That said, our goal is to protect all of our players from harmful language or messages that may put players in potentially harmful situations. Here is a general guide of words and phrases that are blocked in our chat system. Hopefully this can help you from being silenced for unintentional language.


Numbers—written in numerical and word form—are blocked from chat.

Examples of numbers in numerical form: 1, 2, 39, 78, 100

Examples of numbers in word form: three, five, seventeen, two hundred


Misspelled words are blocked to prevent potentially inappropriate language such as slang from being used.

Examples: poeple, aewsome


Names are blocked to prevent players from sharing personal information.

Examples: Lily, Jamie, David

Real Life Context

Language referring to a player’s out-of-game life is blocked to prevent sharing too much information with strangers.

Examples: in real, in real I have a lot of friends, what are you watching in real

Inappropriate Language (sexual, harassment, bullying, negative words)

JumpStart promotes a safe environment where players feel secure.

Examples: idiot, ugly, fart

Personal Information

Sharing personal information is blocked to protect players from sharing information with others they do not know.

Examples: Age, gender, location

Additional information

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