White Spring Flowers

Now, make your own bunch of pretty spring flowers! Who knew white construction paper could look so beautiful?

White Spring Flowers

You will need:

  • Yellow pom-poms
  • White construction paper
  • Glue
  • Paper-cutting scissors
  • Yellow and green markers


  • Cut very thin half inch strips from the construction paper. Color them yellow.
  • Cut out petal shapes from the white construction paper. Ensure that the petals are at least 1 inch long.
  • Using craft glue, stick petals to the yellow pom-poms. Now, stick the thin yellow strips on the pom-poms so that they are on top of the petals.
  • Cut stems or wrap straws with white paper and color them green. You can forgo the stems and fill a wicker basket with only the flower heads. They make for wonderful home décor during the season!

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