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Trapping the Robbers: Writing a Story

Trapping the Robbers: Writing a Story - Free Worksheet for Kids

Trapping the Robbers: Writing a Story

Does your second grader chase robbers when he’s not at school? Or is he a part-time writer, maybe? Does he have an imagination that can turn rocks into precious stones one day and mini-planets the next? If you said yes to any of these, then this is the perfect worksheet for him. Here is your second grader’s chance to dream up tales of electrifying police chases and cunning traps and put it all down in his very own story. Since he must use the adjectives in the worksheet to write the story, this exercise is great for vocabulary-building and practice writing stories. If your child does not know the meanings of these adjectives, let him try the other ‘Trapping the Robbers’ worksheets, where he will do various exercises that will help him learn and remember the meaning of the words.

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