The Humpty Dumptys' Easter Visit

Meet the Humpty Dumptys!

When the Humpty Dumptys turned up unexpectedly at our doorstep for Easter, we were only too happy to invite them in! Keep a couple of hard-boiled eggs out as a lure, and they might just turn up at your house too!


What you will need:

  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Poster paint
  • Paintbrush
  • White felt paper
  • Pink felt paper (optional)
  • Plain paper
  • Black marker
  • Cotton/ white pompoms
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)


What to do:

  1. Make the body of the bunny by cutting out a cup from the egg carton. Trim any edges that are sticking out.


    Trim edges that are sticking out


  3. Paint the outside of the cup any color you like. Make sure to paint over the rim and the outer edges of the inside of the cup as well.


    Mrs. Humpty Dumpty shall be dressed in white


  5. Make a template for the feet by tracing around the base of the cup on a sheet of paper, and drawing two bunny feet protruding from the circle, as in the picture.




  7. Cut the template out, and use it to trace and cut the bunnies' feet from the white felt paper.


    Cut out feet for the bunny


  9. Draw on some toes, and glue the feet to the base of the cup.


    Glue the bunny feet to the base of the cup


  11. Make a hat by cutting out another cup from the egg carton and painting it. For a lady's hat, use bright colors and decorate with ribbons or flowers. For men, stick to darker colors.


    Mr Humpty Dumpty's hat has a white felt ribbon.


    Mr Humpty Dumpty’s hat is made from the narrow, long cone that separates the eggs.

  13. Draw templates for the ears based on the kind of ears you want your bunny to have, and cut them out.


    Three different types of ears for the three bunnies


    For ears that stick out from the hat, make a tab at the base that you can use to push through a slot in the hat.
    For ears that are tied together with ribbon or flowers, make the base extra long, so that the bottom portion can be stuck to the egg, and the upper portion can be used to stick flowers or ribbon on.
    For ears that fold to the side of the bunny’s head, make sure the ears are diagonally opposite each other, with a circular area in between that can be glued to the egg.

  15. Use the template to trace and cut the ears out from the white felt paper.

  17. Glue the ears to the egg.
    If you want the ears to stick out from the hat, cut a slit through the top of the hat and push the tab at the base of the ears through it. These ears are not attached to the egg in any way.


    They're beginning to look like bunnies!


  19. Glue a cotton ball or a white pompom to the back of the bunny.


    Cotton tail


  21. Determine how much space you have for the bunny’s face by putting the egg in the body of the bunny and placing the hat on top of it. Some hats may need to be tilted backwards to leave enough space for the face. Give the bunny eyes, a nose and a mouth.


    Almost done, Mrs Humpty Dumpty!


  23. Place the hat on top of the bunny, if it has one.


Your hard boiled bunnies are now ready!


What a lovely family!

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