Talk about Letters

This is a fun alphabet activity for preschool kids. They are gradually being introduced to alphabets, one after another. This free preschool activity will familiarize them with the look and sound of each alphabet and aid their learning process. Harmless objects like pipe cleaners or fuzzy sticks have been used for the preschool activity to make it safe. This activity will reinstate their learning of alphabets.

Talk About Letters - Free Preschool Activity

You will need:

  • Fuzzy sticks or pipe cleaners
  • Kid scissors


  • Talk to the class about alphabets and encourage them to say the alphabets aloud.
  • Hand over a fuzzy stick or pipe cleaner each to the students.
  • Write down a random alphabet on the board. Make sure the alphabets are either in lower or upper case so as not to confuse the kids, as this preschool classroom activity can be continued for a long time.
  • Instruct them to make the alphabet that’s shown on the board, with the pipe cleaner they’ve been given. 
  • Monitor the use of scissors while they are busy snipping the sticks to make the alphabets.

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